WWE World Heavyweight Championship: The Case for the Miz Entering the Title Hunt

Tyson JonesSenior Analyst IIIJune 16, 2013

Photo courtesy of www.wwe.com
Photo courtesy of www.wwe.com

It's common knowledge that, as of late, the World Heavyweight Championship has become little more than an afterthought to both fans and arguably the men not actively competing for the Big Gold Belt. It's almost as if Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio (with their co-stars) are in their own little world when it comes to what they're doing. For a belt that's as rich in history as the Big Gold Belt, I can say that this doesn't sit well with me. I think it's time we gave people more of a reason to be invested in the World Heavyweight Championship.

The Miz is one of the most decorated Superstars on the roster today. Having won the Tag Titles, both Midcard belts and even the WWE Championship, among other accolades, puts Miz in an elite class of contender. One that includes names like Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio and Sheamus. I'm talking about that special class of guy that can transition to whatever division needs to be bolstered. Championships of any type never looked out of place for these men and, when used properly, can not only be entertaining acts, but give people a reason to talk and care about those titles.

Still, with all the accomplishments to The Miz's name including a Money in The Bank, Triple Crown and Grand Slam Championship, there are still mountains that The Miz has yet to climb. At the top of one of those mountains lies The Holy Grail of Professional Wrestling. I'm talking about The World Heavyweight Championship. The belt that legends like Edge, Undertaker and Kurt Angle killed to hold high above their heads. The belt that doesn't anchor itself to one company alone and boldly declares the holder to be "The Heavyweight Champion of The World." Not just of the WWE, not just of North America, but the entire planet.

With that knowledge, you'd be shocked to know that The World Heavyweight Championship hasn't been defended in over 60 days. That the World Champion wasn't even on television for weeks due to an injury. In that timeframe, nobody seemed to really care. Part of it is to blame on the WWE for not finding some way to get the title featured. Whether that involved stripping Dolph of the title and simply putting it on display as ECW did when it lost its Champion or showing Dolph in pre-taped segments. Regardless, something has to be done about the current state of the WWE Championship, and I think a quick and easy fix that will go a long way is the introduction of new challengers to the championship.

Enter, The Miz. Much like Cena, whether you love him or hate him, The Miz draws a reaction. Much like John Cena, The Miz is a media mogul for the WWE. Movies, interviews, guest appearances, you name it. The man goes above and beyond the scope of your average professional wrestler, and that should be built upon. The former Real World star was one of the most head-turning and must-see WWE Champions in recent memory. From his cash-in on Randy Orton, to his pre-WrestleMania promo, to his main event victory on The Grandest Stage of Them All.

The WWE will dictate what The Miz does and says when he has said championship. I highly doubt that the WWE will let him tell the audience about the symbolism of holding the WWE Championship, but I do believe that The Miz holding the title, with the proper push and support can bring legitimacy to that title on a scale that hasn't been seen since Jericho last held the championship, because the belt would be with someone WWE can trust and rely on better than a lot of the other guys. Someone the WWE has trusted and relied on better than a lot of other guys.

I think the choice to throw Miz into the World Title hunt would not only benefit the championship, but also the fans and the business in a sense. Miz offers the chance for new and intriguing storylines and feuds with the current World Title contenders.

Feuds with a heel Orton could be a thing of beauty, Ryback could well make a bid for the World Title later this year, Miz and Dolph would be sure to put on some fun matches, seeing how guys such as Antonio Cesaro, Jack Swagger, Kane and Big E. Langston factor into the title scene in the next few months could lead to even more entertaining scenarios.

There's also the chance for rare face vs. face encounters such as the former mentor/student Miz and Bryan going at it, as well as The Miz vs. Alberto Del Rio. I think a lot of people would actually enjoy seeing The Miz and CM Punk go at it with the Big Gold Belt on the line, if only to add more intrigue to the title picture.

Along with that thought comes The Theory of the Shrinking Wrestler. To see guys the size of Hulk Hogan in a wrestling ring today is rare. Simply put, wrestlers promoted today are far smaller than they once were, and The Miz is a good example of that coming in at a pretty average height of about six feet. Today still, hardcore fans believe that Vince will give anyone a push based on size, though we've seen far more Daniel Bryan than we have Mason Ryan. The Miz as World Heavyweight Champion would go further in proving that as long as you're able to entertain, you can become successful in the WWE.

Now of course, there is some doubt to dispel regarding The Miz as a viable World Championship contender. Admittedly, while it sounds good on paper, in practice The Miz's WWE Championship reign landed somewhere between a C and a C-. However, The Miz's stock has increased since then with his profile now boasting movies and more championship gold. Also, because Miz is a face, he'll be allowed more leeway in the ring and allowed to show that he is capable of putting on entertaining bouts. Which brings me to my next point.

The Most Must-See WWE Superstar has at times been called out as a bad worker and even dangerous. While I'm not going to say The Miz is great in the ring, or perfect, he's far from being bad or dangerous. The Miz, admittedly has made mistakes in the ring. Botching a suplex with CM Punk and failing to properly catch R-Truth as he came flying through the air are isolated accidents.

The Miz has been a relatively safe and entertaining worker in the ring, for the most part. He's not a good technical wrestler, but that can be said about plenty of people. Miz uses many different approaches in the ring and it works for him. He's even managed to not only improve his use of the figure-four leglock, which many people scoffed at, but he's also managed to find new was of employing the submission hold. The Miz's in-ring strides cannot be ignored.

Time and time again, The Miz has shown himself to be one of the more engaging and entertaining superstars on the roster. Whether that be through his in-ring work or on the microphone, The Miz is a talent worthy of recognition.

While The Miz has a heavily decorated resume, I can't see The Miz not having thoughts of claiming the one prize that has eluded him over the years. The belt that John Cena, Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, Mark Henry, Triple H, Shawn Michaels and a host of names have held. The World Heavyweight Championship. The belt is in need of some new blood in the title hunt. The belt is in need of someone entertaining who can bring attention to that championship. That is why The Miz should find his way towards entering the World Title scene.