Drew McIntyre Needs to Jump Ship from 3MB to Paul Heyman to Save His Career

Bill Atkinson@@BAtkinson1963Analyst IJune 14, 2013

(WWE.com photo)
(WWE.com photo)

It looks like Drew McIntyre might be having some buyer’s remorse about his current shtick as a member of 3MB, but it also is quite possible that his comments about that role are fueling the rumors of a pending shake-up in Paul Heyman’s stable.

McIntyre took to Twitter Thursday to admit his desire to possibly join forces with Heyman. He took great pains to make it look like he was not knocking fellow 3MB members Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal, but he also did not hide his feelings about his future:

The band rolls strong, but, some very astute views if one was to join Paul Heyman nobody makes more sense than a tossed Chosen One #revival

Heyman later retweeted McIntyre’s comments and offered this two-word response: "VERY INTERESTING!"

It’s beyond obvious why McIntyre would be making that statement. Back when he got started in WWE, he was so brash and so cocky that Vince McMahon personally took an interest in him and proclaimed him a future World champion.

Things looked promising. McIntyre captured the Intercontinental title and the tag team titles with Cody Rhodes.

Then things started to bottom out, and McIntyre wound up essentially jobbing to other stars.

In my opinion, it hit bottom when WWE teamed him with fellow jobbers Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal to form the air guitar-loving 3MB heel stable.

The only person to gain any traction from that grouping was Slater, who at least has scored some victories and has left his bandmates as ringside observers and back-watchers.

So, it only seems natural that McIntyre is pining for a second shot at big-time glory. Who better to get him that shot than Paul Heyman?

Reading between the lines (or should it be words) of Heyman’s Twitter response, it looks like Heyman is either interested or flattered…or both. McIntyre truly had the intense heel chops in his early days, and Heyman’s influence could restore that early intensity.

But at what cost to Heyman? He already has three Superstars under his tutelage, and three is a nice, manageable number.

If McIntyre were to come on board, that would make four. And if three is a crowd, then four is not allowed. So someone would have to go.

There’s only one answer to that dilemma: CM Punk. He returns from his self-imposed hiatus this weekend amid speculation from Wrestling Observer (via Wrestling Inc.) that there could be some friction among him and the rest of the Heyman stable. The world waits to see if the friction leads to a chosen/forced departure by Punk before his hometown crowd this weekend at Payback.

Should Heyman kick Punk out of the stable and eventually add McIntyre, think of the possibilities of matches between Punk and the rest of the stable. Everyone wants to see Punk eventually face off against Brock Lesnar, but battles with the likes of McIntyre and Curtis Axel could keep Punk’s dance card full at least through the rest of this year.

Given the intensity with which Punk fights, and with the expected intensity that Axel and McIntyre would give as Heyman protégés, any one of those could easily be a prominent pay-per-view match if booked properly.

Plus, with Lesnar on a somewhat-limited WWE schedule, the Punk-Axel or Punk-McIntyre matches could set the stage for Punk and Lesnar at WrestleMania XXX next April. That truly is a match that belongs on WWE’s grandest stage.

In the end, Drew McIntyre should pack up his air guitar and air amplifiers and whatever other air equipment he owns and jump from 3MB to Paul Heyman.

The music definitely would be sweeter there.


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