South Carolina Football: Is NCAA 14 Jadeveon Clowney Better Than Real Clowney?

Lee Schechter@@leeschechterContributor IIIJune 14, 2013

EA Sports released its player ratings for NCAA 14 this week and the verdict is in; South Carolina's Jadeveon Clowney is the highest rated player with a perfect rating of 99.  

Clowney has been a beast on the field during his career so far with the Gamecocks and even though he is a junior, he is more than deserving of the highest overall rating.

Clowney is the best player in NCAA 14 and the best player in college football, but who is better, the real-life Clowney or NCAA 14's Clowney? 

With the perfect frame for a pass-rusher, Clowney also has the power, speed and finesse moves to shed blocks with ease and disrupt plays in the backfield.  NCAA 14 recognizes the physical monster of a defensive end that Clowney is and set up his rating breakdown accordingly.  

Here are Clowney's stat ratings as reported by TraditionSportsOnline:

Speed: 85

Strength: 91

Agility: 84

Acceleration: 94

Awareness: 82

Tackling: 92

Block Shedding: 83

Power Moves: 70

Finesse Moves: 99

Pursuit: 95

Hit Power: 99

Press: 80

This is my breakdown of NCAA 14's ratings versus the real life Clowney.


Eighty-five speed to go along with 94 acceleration is right in line with the real-life Clowney.  He has second-to-none explosiveness that makes offensive linemen look flat out silly.  He beats players off the line and is in the backfield before some linemen can get out their stance.  

In the video game world, this speed off the line can be exploited far more heavily than in real life.

Edge: NCAA 14 Clowney

As for block shedding and strength, NCAA 14's Clowney appears underrated.  Clowney added weight again during this offseason and is stronger than ever.  He can power through burly linemen with great success and also escape their blocks.

Edge: Real-Life Clowney


NCAA 14 maxes out its ratings at 99, though Clowney should score higher in both hit power and finesse moves.  For example, everyone can look back to the seismic hit on Michigan's Vincent Smith that popped the compact running back's helmet right off and into the air.  

Clowney's swim moves are amazing and he is absolutely elite at finessing his way through blocks.



In real life, Clowney is a very smart player when it comes to defensive schemes and his awareness to disrupt plays. EA Sports' NCAA Football series is a bit stingy when giving out awareness ratings and Clowney is no exception.  He deserves a higher rating in that category as well as power moves.  

Edge: Real-Life Clowney


Clowney does an excellent job of wrapping up tackles and rarely allowing ball-carriers to get a second chance at extra yardage.  NCAA 14 gave him a 92 tackle rating, which is top-tier, though Alabama's C.J. Mosley received a 94.  I think Clowney should be a little bit higher in this rating and pushed to around 95. 

Regardless, Clowney is an elite tackler in both the game and real life.  



After looking at both the NCAA 14 Clowney and the real-life Clowney, the final verdict is that the real-life Clowney is better.  He does incredible things and the key point is that it is real life, which is makes his play that much more amazing.   

In NCAA 14, Clowney will be used by players all over the country who will break sack records and injure quarterbacks very frequently.  He will clearly win Heisman Trophies for tons of gamers and go down as one of the all-time great video game defensive players.  

With that being said, the real-life Clowney will also accomplish impressive feats and win countless awards in 2014, which leads me to give the edge to the real-life Clowney in a battle between him and his virtual self.  



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