Updated Dream Scenarios for All 30 Teams at the Deadline

Chris Stephens@@chris_stephens6Correspondent IIJune 14, 2013

Updated Dream Scenarios for All 30 Teams at the Deadline

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    As the MLB season continues, fans start to think about the trade deadline.

    Fans of teams like the Miami Marlins and Houston Astros wonder what they can get in a trade for some of their stars. Fans of teams like the Atlanta Braves and Texas Rangers wonder what it will cost to improve their ballclub.

    Regardless of where their clubs are at, the trading deadline has a lot of fans interested.

    Here's an updated look at the dream scenarios for all 30 teams at the deadline.

Arizona Diamondbacks

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    The Arizona Diamondbacks may be in first place, but they have multiple needs on the roster.

    If you throw out Patrick Corbin, the Diamondbacks are 13-21 in the starting rotation with a 4.87 ERA.

    That's not exactly good.

    If the Diamondbacks want to continue to lead the division, they're going to have to look to get help for the starting rotation.

    This is where guys like Jake Peavy and Cliff Lee come in.

    Arizona has enough prospects in the minor leagues to pull off a move. The only question is, will they actually pull it off?

    Some fans may think that the D-backs need to focus on their bench, but the starting rotation is the biggest key come playoff time.

Atlanta Braves

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    The Braves desperately need some bullpen help for the stretch run.

    With season-ending surgeries to Jonny Venters and Eric O'Flaherty, the bullpen is not as strong as it used to be.

    However, there are bullpen options that are likely available on the trade market.

    Jesse Crain is currently a reliever with the White Sox and has been one of the best over the last few seasons.

    He would provide a veteran arm in the bullpen and be someone the Braves could throw into a seventh- or eighth-inning situation.

Baltimore Orioles

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    The Baltimore Orioles are in a position again to making a run in the AL East.

    Like last year, starting pitcher is a particularly area of concern for the Orioles.

    That's why Paul Maholm from the Braves would be a dream pickup for the Orioles.

    Baltimore needs starting pitching (which Atlanta has plenty of) and the Braves need relief help (which is a strong suit of the Orioles). It could be the perfect match come the trading deadline.

Boston Red Sox

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    Will Middlebrooks is going to be a great player for the Boston Red Sox one day.

    However, that day is not today.

    With a .196 batting average, Middlebrooks isn't exactly cutting it.

    This in no way means the Red Sox should give up on Middlebrooks, but they need help if their going to make a run at the World Series.

    Maybe trading for a Michael Young or Placido Polanco would do the trick. The bottom line is third base is a major hole for the Red Sox right now.

Chicago Cubs

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    It's about time the Chicago Cubs to finally trade Alfonso Soriano.

    They're not going anywhere this year and Soriano would do more for the ballclub by being traded than by playing every day.

    He's no doubt a good talent, but what good is he doing the Cubs right now?

    With still another year left on his contract, the Cubs could trade Soriano to a club that needs outfield help. They'll get prospects in return to bolster their farm system.

    So it's a win-win for everyone.

Chicago White Sox

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    The Chicago White Sox have a bunch of good pieces that will be valuable on the trade market.

    Jake Peavy is one of those guys.

    With multiple playoff teams looking for help in the starting rotation, the White Sox could get a good return on a player who still has one more year left on his contract.

    Chicago might not want to throw away next season, but if the return is good, it should be a move it considers.

Cleveland Indians

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    The Cleveland Indians have a serious need at first base/DH for the stretch run.

    The Indians currently sit in second place and have a chance to compete for the division title.

    But they need to make a move quickly before the Tigers start to run away with the division.

    Players like Justin Morneau, Paul Konerko, James Loney and Corey Hart could all possibly be available for the right price.

    Given the nice mix or veterans and youngsters, any would be a great fit in the lineup.

Cincinnati Reds

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    The dream scenario is all dependent on Ryan Ludwick for the Cincinnati Reds.

    Right now it's up in the air if he'll return this year, so the Reds need to have a Plan B in left field.

    Guys like Jason Kubel, Alfonso Soriano and David Murphy could all be had by the Reds.

    Again, it will come down to what prospects they will be willing to give up.

    Kubel and Soriano would both be dream candidates as they can hit for power, but Murphy brings a lot to the table that the Reds could use as well.

Colorado Rockies

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    Chase Utley is a free agent after this season and if the Phillies decide to trade him, the Colorado Rockies would be the perfect team.

    Colorado is currently in second place in the NL West and need more production at second base.

    With Utley being a free agent after this season, it likely wouldn't cost them too much and could give them a leg up in the division.

Detroit Tigers

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    The Detroit Tigers are looking for a closer...any closer.

    Nobody has succeeded in that role this year and if the Tigers have hopes of winning the World Series, they need someone who can close the door in the ninth.

    Jose Valverde hasn't gotten the job done and it's time to look elsewhere.

    Really, the Tigers could go anywhere to find someone.

    Maybe the Marlins would be willing to part with Steve Cishek.

Houston Astros

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    Despite the fact that Bud Norris has never been a great pitcher, the Houston Astros can still get a good return for him if they decide to trade him.

    The Astros aren't going anywhere for the next few years, but they could do a lot for their farm system if they trade Norris.

    As it gets closer to the deadline, some team might be willing to overpay a little just to get a strikeout pitcher, which Norris can be.

    Houston is looking to build a team that will compete in 2015 and beyond. Getting prospects for Norris would go a long way in helping to do that.

Kansas City Royals

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    It looks as if it's time for the Kansas City Royals to look for an alternative in right field.

    While his career started off good, Jeff Francoeur simply isn't cutting it anymore.

    Frenchy is a free agent after this year, but who are the Royals kidding?

    It's time to go ahead and make a move.

Los Angeles Angels

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    The Los Angeles Angels just need everyone to pitch and hit the way they've done in the past.

    The starting rotation needs more from C.J. Wilson and Tommy Hanson, while the offense needs Josh Hamilton to get on base more.

    All of the pieces are there. They're just all not performing at the same time.

    If they can do that, then there are no moves needed at the deadline.

Los Angeles Dodgers

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    The Los Angeles Dodgers just need somebody willing to trade for Andre Ethier.

    The outfield is about to be really congested with the returns of Matt Kemp and Carl Crawford.

    Yasiel Puig has already shown he's not going back to the minor leagues, so that leaves Ethier.

    The Dodgers realize they'll have to pay a portion of Ethier's salary, but know the time to trade him is now.

    If the Dodgers are going to regroup and make a run in the NL West, it would be the best thing to happen for them to do so.

Miami Marlins

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    The Marlins have multiple dream scenarios.

    If it was up to the fans, the dream scenario would be getting rid of owner Jeffrey Loria. However, that's unlikely to happen.

    So, I'll go with Giancarlo Stanton.

    This could go one of two ways. The Marlins can either convince Stanton that Miami is the place to be or trade him and get the biggest return in MLB history—bigger than the Mark Teixeira to Atlanta deal.

    Miami could get a lot in return for Stanton, but the question is will they even trade him and how much will it cost? And would any team be willing to pay that price?

Milwaukee Brewers

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    The Milwaukee Brewers just don't want to see Ryan Braun suspended due to the Biogenesis scandal.

    If he gets suspended, some fans will stop going to the ballpark.

    The season already seems lost for the Brewers. But it will be even worse if Braun is suspended.

Minnesota Twins

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    The Minnesota Twins are actually performing better than many thought they would.

    Still, the reality is this could be Justin Morneau's last season in Minnesota.

    A dream scenario for the Twins would be either trading Morneau and getting a nice minor-league piece in return, or re-signing him to a low-impact contract.

    The Twins are going to be good in the next few years. Morneau could be a part of all of that, but not at the current $14 million per season.

New York Mets

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    The dream scenario for the New York Mets would be acquiring some help in the outfield for future years.

    Whether it's trading for a big-name minor-league outfielder or trading for an MLB player with a few years left on their contract, the Mets need desperate help.

    Sure, you could go for the ability to trade John Buck, but offense from the outfield will be a continual struggle for the Mets if they don't do something about it now.

New York Yankees

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    The Padres have already said they're not looking to trade Chase Headley.

    However, if the New York Yankees can present the right package, I'm sure the Padres will listen.

    New York needs help at third base with Kevin Youkilis struggling this year.

    Add in the fact that nobody's sure about Alex Rodriguez and it's easy to see third base is what the Yankees need to address at the deadline.

    Headley would provide a nice power bat in the middle.

    The only bad thing about a possible trade is the Yankees would likely have to give up one of their top prospects.

Oakland Athletics

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    The Oakland Athletics are in need of a veteran starter to help them make the stretch run.

    With the Reds currently having six legitimate starters, someone will be the odd-man out.

    Bronson Arroyo is a free agent after this year and would be a perfect candidate.

    With that in mind, the A's likely wouldn't have to give up as much to get Arroyo.

    That could be the one move the A's need to make to make themselves a legitimate contender.

Philadelphia Phillies

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    The Philadelphia Phillies could possibly get a king's ransom if they decide to trade Cliff Lee at the deadline.

    While they may have to eat a portion of his contract, Lee could fetch both a top-level pitching and top-level hitting prospect in return for Lee.

    It's something they might want to consider since guys like Ryan Howard, Jimmy Rollins, Roy Halladay and Chase Utley are getting older.

    Philadelphia isn't going anywhere this year and could struggle again next year.

    So why not set yourself up for the future?

Pittsburgh Pirates

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    The Pittsburgh Pirates don't have many holes in their lineup...except shortstop.

    Clint Barmes is batting neither for average, nor power.

    But there is help available out there.

    Tyler Pastornicky may not be a big name, but he can certainly fill the position for the Pirates.

    He's stuck in Triple-A with the Braves as Andrelton Simmons holds down the starting spot.

    Pastornicky has had defensive woes at shortstop, but so has Barmes.

San Diego Padres

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    Hitting on Chase Headley again, the Padres may not be looking to trade Headley, but a good package of prospects could sway them.

    The Padres may have one of the stronger farm systems in baseball, but the fact remains they're not producing at the big-league level.

    If San Diego could get a top pitching prospect from somewhere, it could make a big difference in the future.

San Francisco Giants

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    Tim Lincecum has struggled the last two years for the San Francisco Giants. This year, most of the Giants' starters have struggled.

    San Francisco will likely be in the hunt come September and it's going to be the starting rotation that will get them over the top.

    The Giants can only dream that their rotation will get things together.

    If they don't, there will be no World Series repeat.

Seattle Mariners

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    The Seattle Mariners have two top-flight starters this year in Felix Hernandez and Hisashi Iwakuma.

    Danny Hultzen is still in Triple-A, but he could make his debut this year.

    If he can perform like the Mariners hope, that will give them a lot to look forward in the future.

    Seattle may not be going anywhere this year, but at least they'll know the starting rotation is in a good place.

St. Louis Cardinals

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    Edward Mujica has done a good job closing games for the St. Louis Cardinals and he should definitely stay there.

    But there is still help needed in the bullpen as it has a 4.26 combined ERA.

    The dream scenario would be picking up two relievers on the trade market.

    Another option could be calling up Carlos Martinez to serve in the bullpen as well. He could stabilize it and give the Cardinals confidence in a long-reliever.

Tampa Bay Rays

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    The Tampa Bay Rays have a spark plug in the minors, they just have to be willing to call him up.

    Wil Myers was the key piece in the James Shields trade and the Rays need to bring him up.

    He's tearing up Triple-A with 13 home runs and 54 RBI.

    If he did that in the majors, both would be leading the Rays.

Texas Rangers

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    The Texas Rangers are one of the few teams that have the minor-league pieces that it would take to get Giancarlo Stanton.

    Looking at how well off the team is, the Rangers need to consider letting go of Elvis Andrus or Jurickson Profar to get Stanton.

    It's going to cost at least one of them, along with a few other top prospects.

    If Texas wants to ensure there is power in the middle of its lineup for many years to come, they have to consider giving up young talent.

    When it comes to Stanton, you may only get one opportunity to trade for him.

Toronto Blue Jays

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    If there's one thing Toronto Blue Jays fans believe, it's that once Jose Reyes returns, the team will go on a tear.

    While most of us feel differently, you won't be able to convince fans otherwise.

    The Blue Jays have struggled for much of the season, but if fans believe that the return of Reyes is key, then that's their dream scenario.

Washington Nationals

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    Pitching was supposed to be a strong suit for the Washington Nationals this year.

    However, it has been one of their many struggles.

    In reality, the dream scenario is Stephen Strasburg and Gio Gonzalez to pitch like they did last year.

    If they can do that, then Washington should make a comeback in the second half of the season.