Amazing Image of Baseball Played Amid Terrifying Colorado Wildfire Surfaces

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJune 13, 2013

Photo Credit: Peter McEvoy Twitter
Photo Credit: Peter McEvoy Twitter

One Twitter user who was taking in a baseball game just snapped one of the more remarkable images from a devastating wildfire in Colorado. 

As reported by SportsGrid, CBS Sports and many others, Peter McEvoy happened to take in a stunning image and decided to share it with the world.


— Peter McEvoy (@PeterMcEvoy2) June 12, 2013

The dichotomy of the snapshot is stunning; the tranquility of a normal high school baseball game takes place while an awful fire billows smoke in the background. 

The wildfire has already claimed two lives and continues to threaten homes and acres of land.

CNN reports on what is being called one of the worst fires in Colorado history. Here is more from the report that puts the fire at about five percent contained as of this writing: "The fire's evacuation area is 93,000 acres, affecting approximately 38,000 people and 13,000 homes, and the flames are estimated to have burned through 15,700 acres..."

There isn't a great deal of information from the image, but we imagine, as does Rick Chandler of SportsGrid, that the game is being played well away from any danger. 

The following image from CNN gives you an idea of how widespread the smoke has been over the area. 

Of course, our thoughts are with all those affected by the raging fire we can only hope is contained shortly.

As you see by the image, people try to go about their day the best they can around the state. For one resident, that led to an amazing photo we will never forget. 


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