Damien Sandow's New Finisher Lacks Originality, but Is Major Improvement

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterJune 13, 2013

Photo Credit: WWE
Photo Credit: WWE

Damien Sandow has a new move to finish off his WWE opponents, one that is an upgrade over "Terminus," even if it's a lot similar to moves fans have seen before.

Sandow has recently turned to a move dubbed "The Silencer" to cap off his matches. He recently used it to gain pinfall victories over R-Truth and Sin Cara.

The Silencer is far more believable and capable of coming out of nowhere than his old finishing move.

Sandow hooks his arm around his opponent's torso, lifts them in the air and then sends them crashing to the mat. It's simple, powerful and something he can hit much quicker than Terminus.

In hitting the move on Sin Cara during their match on Wednesday's WWE main event, Sandow showed that he hasn't perfected it just yet. He tossed Sin Cara down a bit awkwardly and with an impact less thunderous than he's capable of delivering.

This video game version of The Silencer is the ideal Sandow should strive for every time out.

It's nice to see Sandow's move set expand and for his slow-to-develop Terminus to be replaced. Like with Christian's Killswitch and Wade Barrett's initial version of his Bull Hammer finisher, it's hard to suspend disbelief when the attacker has to wind up their foe without resistance to nail a move like Terminus.

There's just too much time for an opponent to fight off the attacker, to throw an elbow or slip away.

The Silencer is quicker and requires far less time for the foe to remain stunned while the move is being setup. Sandow doesn't need to remove Terminus from his repertoire altogether, but having The Silencer serve as his new finisher gives his matches a more climactic finish.

As fan Chris Slone pointed out, it resembles another WWE Superstar's move.

The Silencer does look a lot like The Rock's Rock Bottom, as well as Matt Hardy's Side Effect. It’s not even that far off from a chokeslam.

It's hard to argue against these comparisons, but fans can't expect every wrestler's finisher to be something we've never seen before. Randy Orton is doing a version of John Laurinaitis' finisher.  The Miz's Skull-Crushing Finale had been done by Chris Jericho before him.

For Sandow to take on or invent a completely new move would have been thrilling, but utilizing a dependable, solid move like The Silencer is one that will help him in the long run.

Sandow has been asking ignoramuses to be silent since he debuted, and now, he has a weapon to force them into that state.