Ronda Rousey Absolutely Destroys Geek Squad in Hilarious New Commercial

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJune 13, 2013

I'm not sure if this is a commercial for an insurance company or defense against mercenary hit squads. 

It doesn't matter, because I am sold on Ronda Rousey as the perfect protector, and preoccupied geek squads around the world have been put on notice. 

In fact, I think this video is fairly appropriate at the moment. 

The commercial starts with a random lady with an arbitrary computer issue, who comes into a store to pick up her laptop. 

It's not really the setting in which you might find a brutal beating—it's more like the start of a very lame comedy sketch. 

Thankfully, this poor lady—who just stopped off to pick up her computer—is protected by Rousey, who isn't much of a negotiator. She does most of her talking with her fists and with the heels of her feet. 

These geeks never stood a chance, even when reinforcements come from the back to help deal with this masterful MMA champion destroying every last tech expert thrown her way. 

I have to think at least one of those technicians could have helped the computer lady with her PC woes, but then we wouldn't get a firsthand look at what happens to people who ignore Rousey's pals. 

Of course, the funniest part comes when the head geek asks Siri how to solve a looming armbar, but even Siri can't help against the devastating move—or an "armed bear," for that matter. 

So the next time you are being ignored by tech experts, just holler for Rousey. She can be pretty convincing. 


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