Tampa Bay Rays: The Wil Myers Situation

Yossi Feins@TheRaysRanterContributor IIIJune 13, 2013

When will Wil Myers be called up? That's the big question that everyone's asking.

ESPN's Jim Bowden lit up the web this past weekend when he posted the Tweet that has generated all of the recent Wil Myers buzz:

Fans were excited by Bowden's report that the Tampa Bay Rays will call up their top prospect, but not everybody's on board with the assumption that Myers will be called up within the next week.

The Rays don't appear to be planning on calling up Myers just yet, and it's possible that he won't be joining the team anytime soon.

If one thing's for sure, there's no way the Rays are calling up Myers until they're absolutely positive the Super Two deadline has passed. It's likely that the deadline is already behind us, but if Myers were to be called up earlier this week, the Rays would be taking a risk.

Luckily, the deadline shouldn't be after the next few days if it hasn't already passed, so Tampa could call him up next week without worrying about losing money.

Basically, promoting Myers after the Super Two date means that he only gets three years of arbitration eligibility out of his seven years of club control rather than four years of arbitration at the end of his contract. For further explanation on the rather complicated Super Two topic, click on the "Super Two" link above.

So, once the Rays have the financial concerns of the Super Two out of their way, is there any reason why they wouldn't immediately call up Myers? He's red-hot right now in Triple-A, hitting .341/.391/.732 with four homers in his last 10 games.

The 22-year-old phenom appears to be ready, but he doesn't have a spot on the roster yet to play. The offense has functioned fantastically without Myers' talented bat in the lineup. Also, some of the weaker hitters on the roster provide important versatility, which Joe Maddon of course values heavily.

Let's look at the options the Rays have regarding demoting a player in order to call up Myers. 

Only Sean Rodriguez and Ryan Roberts have options. Optioning Rodriguez wouldn't make sense, as he's a super-utility man and has been a much-improved hitter this season (117 wRC+).

I think demoting Roberts, however, could be a good idea. Offensively, he's really only effective against left-handed pitching. Roberts only plays second base and third base, where the Rays don't really need too much depth at the moment.

Other options the Rays have are to designate either Sam Fuld or Luke Scott for assignment. Fuld has struggled mightily at the plate (52 wRC+), and Scott is ice-cold right now with just seven hits in his last 63 at-bats.

If the Rays do decide to DFA either of the two, they are more than likely to lose them.

To conclude, my personal prediction is that Myers gets the call sometime within the next two weeks. It's hard to say if Bowden's "10 days" projection will turn out to be correct, but expect him to be in a Rays uniform by the end of the month.