The Real Super Powers of the Undertaker: Let's See a Champ

Blue ChipCorrespondent IMay 3, 2009

When I saw WrestleMania 25, The Undertaker leaped over the ropes to half-complete a flip and then landed directly on his head! As if that was not enough, he completed the match!

Mind you, not another five minutes or pinfall, but continued as scripted!

At the end of the “Smack Down” opening, he is the last one shown. Usually, on other shows, the champion is the last clip on the theme.

The Undertaker stands at 6’10” and weighs 310 pounds!

When Taker was at Wrestlemania 25, The Undertaker put on arguably the best match we have ever seen—at least in WrestleMania.

With pure fundamentals and no weapons used, this match kept everyone on the edge of their seats.

The normal man, the average wrestler, does not stay in the spotlight for nearly 20 years.

When the Undertaker debuted, I was a kid, and I admit, I was scared. He was menacing.

The Undertaker has “risen from the dead” many, many times. He has been in very brutal Casket, Hell In A Cell, Ironman, Last Man Standing, I Quit, Cowbell, Elimination Chamber matches, and has always come through.

In the famous "Hell In A Cell" match with Mick Foley (at the time, "Mankind"), Foley received the credit. If you see just the Taker in that match, he was pretty damn good!

The Undertaker has become a wrestling icon who has commanded an army at one time called the “Ministry.”

The Undertaker has re-invented himself three times now.

First he was an ominous presence who rarely cut a promo. Next he was influenced by “Kid Rock” (in my opinion.) He then began the phase of “American Bad-Ass.”

He rode a motorcycle to the ring and cut his hair as he opened up the door for a storyline with his wife.

The Undertaker left for a few months and magically returned to his old persona, with modification moves and presence this time. (The magical part is the full growth of long hair within three months.)

If his intermittently redone image was not enough, to constantly evolve, the man's moves have been new, fresh, and amazing over the years. Tombstone, "Last Ride," "The Devil's Gate," and the latest (and my favorite), the flip over the ropes!

His in-ring fundamentals are underrated as well.

The man has kept up an undefeated streak for several years at WrestleMania 25. The 17-0 streak has become historical as well as something to be revered.

I thank you for reading, but before I go, the one thing I cannot deny is that dive at "Backlash."

If the man is nearly seven feet tall and weighs 300 pounds, it is bad enough to land on the head from a standing position. To jump over the ropes—at that height and weight—you have to figure 14 to 15 feet at least, and not landing on the mat, but on concrete, and directly on top of your head!? That is not normal for a human!

To see 'Taker in action the next day...that is truly astonishing! The man does have super powers.

Thanks for reading.