Woman Miraculously Comes Away from BASE Jump Fail Unharmed

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OK, who's next?

I will go ahead and assume even the most enthusiastic BASE jumpers were apprehensive about taking their turn jumping off this building after watching this woman suffer a scary failed attempt. 

Eric Goldschein of SportsGrid translated the YouTube description of this remarkable video he spotted over at Bob's Blitz. Thankfully, the woman was only dealt what we have to think is the most terrifying moment of her life. 

The Austrian Maria Steinmayr, only female participant in the World Base Jump disputed in Benidorm, Spain, withdrew from the competition after wrapping up the parachute and escape unharmed from a fall of 160 meters.

The most important thing, obviously, is that this jumper was doing fine after the ordeal. Still, details are scarce on Steinmayr, so we welcome any information you might have. 

Having a very real fear of heights myself, I can confidently say I will never stand atop any precipice with a parachute strapped to my back. 

I will gladly stick to escalators and elevators as trusted conveyances to go from the top of a building to the bottom. 

While the camera loses sight of Steinmayr for a moment, it seems as though she begins to spin the second the parachute opens. 

That's when she gets caught on the ledge of a window, only to fall a couple more stories before she is thrown onto a ledge. 

Thankfully, our worst fears are never realized, and she ends up with nothing more than a terrifying story. 

With that, I will leave others to continue their war on gravity. 

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