Penn State Football Releases Video Tour of Massive Weight Room

Randy ChambersAnalyst IJune 11, 2013

Penn State has a weight room you couldn't imagine in your wildest dreams. One of the first things strength and conditioning coach Craig Fitzgerald did when he arrived at State College was demand that the weight room see a drastic improvement. He began putting together a design that was unveiled last season to Nittany Lion players.

If you have yet to see it, you are in for a treat. Fitzgerald takes us on a five minute tour that covers all of the bases, via State College.  

The room is a spacious 13,000 square feet, enough where even the biggest offensive linemen can have plenty of elbow room. The power racks are customized and every bar ball you can imagine comes with a safety catcher that will prevent any freak accidents. Oh, and you better believe that every weight in the building is labeled "We Are Penn State." Anything else would be uncivilized.

It also features surround sound to help pump the guys up to some of the latest jams. There are computer monitors plastered on the wall that let everybody know what the coaches want each day as far as certain exercises and reps are concerned.

This is truly an NFL style weight room and one of the main reasons many players decided to return to Penn State rather than leave when the sanctions hit, as wide receiver Allen Robinson told State College.

We've really bonded with the coaching staff and like what they’re doing, Robinson said. We like (strength and conditioning coach) Craig Fitzgerald and what he’s doing, I'll call him up and he'll come in early in the morning and workout with me. We have a great staff here and there aren't too many places where you can go and find a better staff. I think this is good place to be.

The weight room is a great recruiting draw and will help make sure those Nittany Lions are prepared for all 60 minutes.