Tiger Woods, Sergio Garcia Didn't Talk 'Fried Chicken' Remark During Handshake

Patrick ClarkeCorrespondent IJune 11, 2013

Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia won't be touring the golf course in the same cart anytime soon, but at least the two golfers have begun to clear the air following recent insensitive remarks made by Garcia.

The two 2013 U.S. Open contenders shook hands on Monday at Merion Golf Club, seemingly acknowledging that the feud went too far and that it's time to let their play on the golf course do the talking.

But according to the Golf Channel's Jason Sobel, there was no talk of Garcia's comments during the brief meeting:    

At a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, Garcia said they met quickly but did not have a chance to speak. Garcia went on to state that he did leave a note for Woods at his locker and that it will be up to Tiger to share that note with the public. Sobel has the latest:

To recap, last month at a European Tour awards gala, Garcia responded with the following comment after being asked whether he and Tiger would have dinner during the U.S. Open, per The Guardian: "We will have him 'round every night. We will serve fried chicken."  

Garcia scheduled a press conference the following day to issue a public apology for the comments, expressing regret for having made them and also defending himself, stating that there was no intent to be racist.

It's been nearly a month since Garcia's comments and apology, but before Monday's handshake, there was obvious tension between the two rivals. Hopefully both stars can finally put the incident behind them now. 

According to the Golf Channel's Kelly Tilghman, Woods is focused on the current task at hand this week and has moved on from the controversial comments Garcia made last month: 

Both Woods and Garcia will be faced with the challenge of taking on the world's best this week at Merion, while also answering questions about their every interaction with each other.

While you have to believe a sincere and private apology from Garcia is coming, it's comforting to see that both men have acknowledged that a line was crossed and that it's time to get back to golf.


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