Memphis Grizzlies: Will The Lottery Screw Us Over?

Jordi Soto-PhippsContributor IMay 3, 2009

Everyone knows about the Grizzlies' luck.

Two years ago, we had the best chance to get the No. 1 pick. That's reason to be excited, right...?

No. We got the fourth pick in the draft, which was the worst case scenario. That pushed us out of the race to get Greg Oden, Kevin Durant, or Al Horford.

In the 2003 draft, the last two picks were down the the Grizzlies and Cavaliers. If we got the second pick, it got sent to the Pistons. If we got the first pick, we won the big prize, LeBron James.

I think you know what happened there.

This year is a big year for the Grizzlies. Attendance has hit an all-time low and will continue to drop if something drastic doesn't happen anytime soon. Chris Wallace, the GM of the Grizzlies, is finally realizing this.

"I never said just water this garden and it will grow into a championship team," Wallace said. "We need some guys that are as good or better than our current core." According to the Commercial Appeal, the Grizzlies are after a star big man that is on Gay's or Mayo's status.

This draft seems like its Griffin, Rubio, or bust. There is some more good talent, but nothing worth really getting excited about.

If the lottery messes the Grizzlies up again, then the attendance will drop even more, and the franchise can't afford that.

I don't know what the Grizzlies have planned, if they want to trade their pick or keep their pick? I don't know if they will acquire this star big man before or after the draft? I don't know what we plan on doing with all of our cap room. But, I do know that all of this is riding on the lottery.

What is going to happen? Could this be the year for the Grizzlies?