Were Umpires Negligent in Not Stopping Angels-O's Game Despite Obvious Monsoon?

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Were Umpires Negligent in Not Stopping Angels-O's Game Despite Obvious Monsoon?
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Do we have another umpire problem on our hands?

After what transpired Monday between the Los Angeles Angels and Baltimore Orioles, it would seem so.

That's right, with the rain falling as hard as it was, the game was still played into the bottom of the sixth.

As if this season hasn't been bad enough for the Angels, then this news comes along.

DiGiovanna also had this to point out:

This hasn't been a good year thus far for umpires.

From the number of missed calls, which dates back to last year's one-game playoff between the St. Louis Cardinals and Atlanta Braves to the multiple times umpires have tried to show up players, it hasn't been good.

The biggest question is, why was the game continued to be played?

Some fans are getting fed up with the umpires, especially West, who is on the other end of another bad umpiring decision.

Many could guess the umpires wanted to give the Orioles a chance to score in the bottom of the sixth the same way the Angels scored in the top half of the inning.

Were the umpires at fault for not stopping the game earlier?

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It happened between the Braves and New York Mets in a game earlier in the year. The Braves scored two in the top of the eighth when the teams shouldn't have been playing. So, the Mets then got their chance and scored two runs in the bottom half of the inning to tie the game at 5-5.

Neither team should have batted because of the rain, but the umpires' bad decision came to the forefront when an error and wild pitch allowed the runs to score for the Mets.

The only humor that comes out of this is the Orioles had an old baseball saying actually come true...literally.

With the kind of rain that was falling, there wouldn't have been actual ducks. But using baserunners in place of ducks (which is done in the saying), there literally were ducks on the pond.

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Back to the issue at hand...this game shouldn't have continued with it raining as much as it was.

The game should have been delayed and finished when the weather was more suitable.

Baseball needs to have a system in place for calling games. Something that is across the board.

Frankly, we can't continue to have games be decided because umpires fail to call a game due to the weather when everybody else knows they should.

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