Nike Releases Awesome New Tiger Woods Ad in Time for US Open

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The latest Tiger Woods Nike ad has something for everyone. 

Tiger Woods is once again the best golfer in the world, taking the No. 1 ranking into the U.S. Open this week. According to Forbes, he is also the highest-paid athlete in the world.

So, I guess we should get used to seeing far more awesome Tiger ads popping up around major time (h/t Sporting News). 

The spot is for the new TW '14 shoes, which the sports apparel company has included with Nike Free technology as well as customization with NIKEiD

I will leave golfers and shoe aficionados to worry about the details, because the commercial is only slightly about golf course footwear. 

It's about golf being presented with the pomp and exuberance of every sport, such as fans rushing the field at the conclusion of an incredible game. 

It's about the count that takes place when a fighter gets knocked to the mat or the starter's pistol that begins all the action. 

The company even used the perfect quote from Woods at its YouTube page description: "I treat golf as a sport. I let other people treat it like a hobby."

Nike took that sentiment and multiplied it, giving fans a vision of the euphoria that can take over other sports in an instant. 

Sure, we may never see Woods or any other golfer being bombarded by rabid chants during his swing or being surrounded by a wild crowd after a triumphant putt, but we can daydream. 

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