Pacquiao-Hatton: HOLY [Expletive Deleted]!

Christopher FalvelloCorrespondent INovember 21, 2016

HOLY ----!  I apologize for starting a story with such rude and brusque language, but in the wake of Pacquiao’s two round starching of Ricky Hatton, those are the only words that come to mind.

We knew Pacquiao was something special, I suppose now we know just how special he is.  The fight didn’t last very long, and after the first knockdown, it seemed predestined, so I won’t spend any time analyzing it.

It's suffice to say that Hatton had several weakness, and that Manny Pacquiao was perfectly equipped to exploit them.

The Filipino dynamo has officially put Mayweather on notice. He has cracked my top 10 all time pound-for-pound list. And finally, he has become the undisputed 140-pound world champion. Quite a night for the diminutive warrior. 

But let us not forget Hatton. Despite the one-sided performance, it would a gross error to consider the ex-champion any less than what he was before tonight. One of the toughest, bravest men in modern boxing history.

There were however, a few nervous moments when Hatton was still on the canvas that one feared he might have been seriously hurt. Thankfully though, he stood up and shortly left the ring under his own power.

Whether he will continue fight is a question that would be asked too soon.  Hatton will figure out what happened to him tonight and go from there. 

General Santos City’s Supernova, however, is now poised to do whatever he wants.  Should Mayweather get past Marquez in July, A super-fight between “Pretty Boy” and Pac-man seems all but guaranteed. But whatever Pacquiao chooses to do, be assured that more than just the boxing community will be paying attention.

Tonight’s bout was neither long, nor a great fight, but it was absolutely riveting. Also, having recently beaten De La Hoya, Pacquiao’s name has been on the rise is the mainstream community. After tonight, there won’t be a person in the US or England who doesn’t know who he is. 

I suppose that’s the most significant consequence of this fight.  A blow-out like this just doesn’t happen, period. When it does, it catches a lot of people’s attention.  There’s going to be some disappointment.

After all I, along with a few hundred thousand others, shilled out fifty bucks for five minutes of boxing. But good god was it a five minutes! I don’t feel too terribly cheated, and I’m definitely going to watch Pacquiao’s next fight, whoever it is. 

For years people have proclaimed Boxing a “dead” sport.  Tonight probably has put to rest the idea that Boxing is going anywhere but up. Also, thanks to a lightning left hand, whether Boxing could survive without its number one draw seems to have been answered also. 

Pay attention America:  there is an all-time great in out midst and any time he steps in the ring you know it will be a great show.  Boxing has a new champion.  His name is Manny Pacquiao.