WWE: John Cena, Welcome to Mark Henry's Hall of Pain!

Tony DolemiteCorrespondent IIIJune 18, 2013

Mark Henry has more in the tank after all, like it or not. That's just it. Fans didn't like it when Henry introduced John Cena to his Hall of Pain this past Raw, they loved it. They cheered!

Well, that does not surprise me.

Anytime John Cena gets punked the way he did, the fans go nuts. I also believe it had to do with the fact that there are a huge number of Henry fans who would love to see him win it big. In an act that will live forever in wrestling infamy, Mark Henry reestablished his dominance and became a threat to the WWE Title.

He also gave an Emmy Award winning performance, I might add. Go figure.  

Whether or not Henry wins the title at this stage of his career is debatable. You know as well as I do that you can never say never, especially where Vince McMahon is concerned. On a personal level, I think Henry would make an even better WWE Champion compared to his run as World Heavyweight Champion, if it's done the right way.

Now more than ever, WWE Creative has to stand back and let Henry be Henry—unleash the beast! Allow him to be the threat to John Cena's title reign the way it was meant to be.

That's the difference between Henry and Ryback. As badass as WWE Creative tried to make him out to be, Ryback always seemed like a fish out of water.

With as many defeats as he has suffered throug the last several months, it was never realistic to position him as a challenger to Cena. Had Ryback been handled differently he would be a lot further along. Though I do have my issues about how he has been handled, I hope Ryback's career can be salvaged. 

But I digress.

This isn't about Ryback and it isn't so much about John Cena as much as it's about Mark Henry and his Hall of Pain, which has its share of inductees. Henry is on the upswing and is beyond ready: It's his time to shine. Who knows how many years Henry will be capable of continuing at the level he's on now.

Whatever happens, I hope when it's said and done, fans will be able to look back on this period of Henry's career and walk away satisfied that WWE Creative did not drop the ball on this one. He is the world's strongest man with an attitude, period.

Enough said!