The Miz Is The Right Man At The Wrong Time In The WWE

Giulio RomanoCorrespondent IIJune 13, 2013

Keep on hating, one cares about you! Image by
Keep on hating, one cares about you! Image by

When it comes to The Miz and his career in 2013, an outsider would be amazed to discover all the success this Superstar has achieved over the years.

He is a former WWE champion and WrestleMania main eventer, held the other championships on multiple occasions and had feuds with some of the top names of the company.

Why have the mighty fallen so low as of late? For more over two years even.

A lot of people claim he is an overrated Superstar who hasn't deserved his push but honestly, there aren't that many who have walked in his shoes, and for him to have made it so far is quite impressive.

He has what it takes, the timing is just way off.

WWE is still milking its veterans for all they've got, while many of the new guys besides Ziggler and The Shield are stuck in some sort of limbo.

Yes, The Miz is in the Intercontinental title match this coming Sunday at Payback but with Curtis Axel in there and Fandango before him, the spotlight is hardly on the Awesome One nor is it even on the champion, Wade Barrett.

This company still believes in him, however. He wins most of his matches, became a "face" character and got to use Ric Flair's finisher, the Figure-Four leg lock. It's like they want to keep him but don't know what to do with him exactly.

As a fan, I would suggest a small, noticeable change to his character.

I don't know, less vanity perhaps, not that it is a problem. A change of outfit? A valet? Joining another character in a fantastic tag team? There are tons of solutions.

Dolph Ziggler is the World Heavyweight champion and after he is done with Alberto Del Rio, perhaps a feud with The Miz could benefit both men.

John Cena is hogging the WWE Championship spotlight yet again and rumor has it, Daniel Bryan may be prepped for a match with him at SummerSlam.

When will Miz's time finally return? Can he get to win the Rumble this year? 

He has so many accolades already and it's a shame to see it go to waste. There are others who deserve a push like he does, of course, but this one has something special, the "it" factor that separates the ordinary Superstars from the awesome ones, pun intended.

No matter what is said, whether the in-ring timing is off or not, The Miz puts on good promos, decent matches and does the WWE great pride as a social media personality.

He is everywhere for them—doing interviews, radio shows and has even started trying out at movie roles. 

Plus, he is engaged to former Divas champion and French-Canadian goddess, Maryse Ouellet. Maybe she could be his "Miss Elizabeth" somewhere down the line. Such a beautiful couple could be interesting to watch on television.

Here's a nice thought: Dolph and AJ vs. Miz and Maryse. Book it!

Between the four of them you have style, glamour, good matches and the best part: drama!

Just what Monday Night Raw needs.

So he is the right man for the job, but at a really bad what? Patience is a virtue, and good things come to those who wait.

Detractors will love to disagree, but negativity attracts just that, and men like The Miz grab life by its privates and say: "You're mine!" So look for him to bide his time until his moment comes once more.

Since he is the right man for the job, it is only a matter of time.

Be jealous!