Triple H vs. McMahons Should Result in the End of General Managers in WWE

SMGAnalyst IIJune 9, 2013

These three should be the authority figures on WWE TV (photo courtesy of
These three should be the authority figures on WWE TV (photo courtesy of

Triple H is having issues getting along with his wife Stephanie and father-in-law Vince McMahon in what could lead to a change in authority figures in the WWE.

Ever since 2002, when Mr. McMahon and Ric Flair began the brand extension in the WWE, there has been a multitude of general managers in charge of Raw and SmackDown, respectively. John Laurinaitis gained control of both shows at one points.

However, one of the biggest problems with the general manager concept was its lack of reality. It was difficult to believe in the general managers when you knew they weren’t really in charge of the WWE.

What made Vince McMahon believable as Mr. McMahon was the fact that he was actually in charge of the WWE. He is the chairman of the company.

When Shane McMahon supposedly bought WCW and began the invasion angle, it was believable because WWE did in fact purchase WCW.

Has anyone ever thought that Vickie Guerrero makes decisions backstage and runs Monday Night Raw?

Speaking of Vickie, it is difficult to care at all about her and Brad Maddox when they are rarely seen on WWE TV. With Triple H as COO and Vince as the chairman of WWE, there is less reason to have Team Brickie on WWE TV.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Brad Maddox. I think he is very entertaining and can be useful in the right role. However, being an assistant to Vickie Guerrero, who is almost never seen on WWE TV anymore, is not helping Maddox.

On SmackDown, Booker T is supposedly running the show. There were some instances of friction between him and his senior advisor, Teddy Long, but that storyline isn’t particularly intriguing.

Even leading up to Raw 1000 last year, a number of former authority figures took over each week. This just made WWE look like they had no idea who to put in that role.

It’s always been obvious what makes someone the right person in that role. The authority figure on WWE TV should be someone who is an authority figure backstage. WWE attempts to be as “real” as possible in this era, and the best way to do that is with Triple H and the McMahons.

In both a recent article of mine and one written by Eric Gargiulo of Camel Clutch Blog, we reference the idea of Triple H and Mr. McMahon leading each WWE brand in a new split of Raw and SmackDown.

This situation would be ideal and logical as Vince, Stephanie and Triple H do run the company off-screen. While we have watched the McMahons and Triple H as authority figures recently on screen as well, it only occurs sporadically. It is time for Triple H to have his own WWE brand, while Mr. McMahon returns to running Raw once again. Stephanie should spend time with both her father and husband on each show.

One issue that some may see arising concerns WWE having changed its live events to integrate the two brands. One can no longer see Raw or SmackDown live events. Rather, one can only go see WWE Live! events. This would seemingly argue that a brand split is not happening anytime soon, if ever.

However, for the company to truly be realistic, Triple H and the McMahon must be in charge. Whether they split the roster into two separate entities is a different question. Fellow B/R featured columnist Justin LaBar suggested a WrestleMania 30 match between Mr. McMahon and Triple for full control of the company. This storyline may be more likely than a brand extension.

WWE must rid the days of authority figures like Guerrero, Laurinaitis, Adamle or even Bret Hart. Now is the time to stick with McMahons and Levesque (Triple H’s real last name).


Do you think Triple H and the McMahons should be the on-screen authority figures in WWE? Why or why not? Please share your opinion in the comment section below.

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