Today's Top 5 Funniest Characters in WWE

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistJuly 3, 2013

Today's Top 5 Funniest Characters in WWE

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    Everyone knows that WWE Superstars are either exaggerated versions of themselves, or a completely contrived character.

    Every character is designed to appeal to a different kind of fan,  but everyone likes to laugh, so there is always room for some comedy in WWE.

    When you put on a product that portrays scripted fights with men in tights, you can't take yourself too seriously.

    Today's roster is filled with plenty of highly-entertaining characters, but there are a few that are far and away the funniest in WWE today.

    This list will look at today's top five funniest characters in WWE.


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    Fandango is one of the most ridiculous gimmicks to come out of the brain-trust at WWE HQ in quite some time, but the best part is that Fandango is in on the joke.

    From day one, Johnny Curtis knew what this character was capable of, and he hammed it up to the best of his ability, creating a very entertaining persona in the process.

    When Curtis was in NXT, he portrayed a very odd/creepy kind of guy. All he did was add dancing to the shtick and we have Fandango.

    The craze of dancing and singing along to his theme has died down a bit, but there is still a large section of the WWE fan-base that finds him hilarious.

    The way he exaggerates every word in his promos, the way he dances and the way he carries himself all contribute to the entertainment value of the character.

    This gimmick might not get him to the World title, but it has been good for a few laughs, and that is an accomplishment in itself.

4. Big E. Langston

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    This one might surprise anyone who doesn't follow Big E. on Twitter, but believe me when I say that this man's funny bone is as big as his biceps.

    Langston has only been given a couple opportunities to showcase his humor in front of WWE audiences, but when he finally breaks away from AJ and Dolph Ziggler, people will find out how entertaining he can be.

    When you combine humor with his athletic ability, you have the makings of a top-level talent.

    Two wins against the current World Heavyweight Champion in very recent memory & no mention of a title shot!?! I'm burning my bra in protest.- Big E. Langston

3. JBL

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    JBL might be retired from in-ring competition, but as an announcer, he has built a reputation of being one of the funniest people to ever put on a headset.

    Not since Bobby Heenan have we seen someone so quick-witted and intelligent call wrestling matches.

    Some of his references may be a little dated for today's WWE crowd, but that is actually part of his appeal. JBL is an old-school guy who loves the new-school wrestling game.

    When JBL is calling an especially exciting match, he makes it more exciting by marking out like the rest of us fans.

    When JBL puts someone over, you can really tell he appreciates and loves all these men and women who are going through the same trials and tribulations that he went through.

    Hearing JBL call a Daniel Bryan match is always one of the highlights of the week.

2. Team Hell No

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    This one is a two-fer because neither man would be as hilarious as he is without the other.

    Daniel Bryan has been released in the past, but he never gave up on his dreams, and now he is one of the most entertaining people in all of WWE.

    Nobody is surprised when Bryan puts on a five-star match, because that is what he does. What has been the most surprising about Bryan is how we have been able to watch him grow as a character.

    When he first came back after the whole neck-tie incident, he did not really stand out as a character. He was just a really awesome wrestler.

    When he first won the World title and celebrated by screaming the word yes over and over, he started to create a gimmick that nobody would have thought of in a creative meeting.

    At first he was just a really excitable guy who would yell the same word over and over, but he really took off when he began teaming with Kane.

    The situation may have began because of AJ, but soon it was clear that Kane and Bryan were a formidable duo who not only meshed well in the ring, but had a chemistry that made for some of the best non-wrestling segments in years.

    This has been a career resurgence of sorts for the Big Red Monster. He has been used for comedic purposes in the past, but this time is different. This time it seems like Kane is truly at the top of his game.

    What is even more amazing is that WWE has managed to tweak the characters when necessary to keep them fresh.

    At first they hated each other, but tolerated teaming together since they were champions. Eventually, they grew to respect each other and they became a well-oiled machine in the ring.

    The one-upsmanship was gone, and both men were getting each other's back. Now it seems as if some tension has grown between them, and we could see the end of this team.

    Perhaps it is for the best. In today's wrestling world, gimmicks mature and expire at a much faster rate, and killing the team before they become stale is the best thing in most cases.

1. Damien Sandow

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    Other than Daniel Bryan, there is no better example of a WWE Superstar who has been released by the company twice in the past, and returned to become one of the greatest characters on the roster.

    Damien Sandow first appeared on WWE television as Idol Stevens in 2006 after being brought in by Michelle McCool to go after the tag team titles.

    He was eventually released, only to be resigned a year later in 2008 and sent back to OVW on a developmental deal.

    This run lasted just four months before he found himself back in Puerto Rico wrestling for WWC.

    Apparently, lightning can strike three times, because he was resigned and put in FCW as Damien Sandow, a militant character with little to no humor.

    When Sandow changed his gimmick to that of an intellectual egomaniac, he really began to find his groove. He combined his in-ring talent with his silver tongue on the mic to create one of the best characters in WWE today.

    Every time Sandow holds a mic, he grabs your attention. His booming voice, intelligent quips and hilarious facial expressions have made him into a heel you can't help but like.

    His recent encounters with Sheamus have really shown how strong Sandow is as a character, and hopefully us unwashed masses get to be saved on a weekly basis by Sandow for a very long time.


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