Sting: A Move to the WWE Would Only Make Booking Worse for the Company

David LevinSenior Writer IIJune 8, 2013

As I have said before, I am a wrestling purest. I was born and raised on Dory Funk Jr. and a Brad Armstrong dropkick. I believe in the pain of the Iron Claw and the power of a Stan Hansen lariat.

So when I see former NWA/WCW greats make the jump to the WWE or when it happened years ago, I always thought of them as selling out for the money and the circus-like antics of Vince McMahon.

The one who I thought would never make that transition was Sting. Now, I am not so sure. After reading my friend Bill Atkinson's story, I wonder: Could it be possible that "The Icon" would make the jump because of his questioning TNA's plans with booking and the future?

Please Sting, say it ain't so.

While Sting (Steve Borden) has remained true to his roots, he spoke recently about his thoughts of the future and how he wants to work a program with The Undertaker. 

"It's no secret...I've said that for years. And who would not want to work Wrestlemania?" The quote was taken from a story that referenced Sting's comments on a host of topics in the wrestling business. 

Now, we will see if one of professional wrestling's greatest heroes makes the move. I personally hope he doesn't, and here is why.

While having Sting on the roster will boost ratings and all but sink anything that TNA is working on to be a better outfit, programming would be off more so than it is now. Wrestlers fighting to get to the middle of the pack would have to work even harder. What happens to Daniel Bryan?

What happens to Curtis Axel? Does Randy Orton turn heel to become a "Legend Killer" again?

How would any progression of younger talent be aided by someone who might immediately be placed in title contention? Wrestling, no matter what promotion, wants to deal with the hot hand and make money. Sting does that immediately.

As a fan, I want to remember Sting as the one who stayed true to his words and remained the one constant that did not make his way to Stamford. We have seen on video his thoughts on the WWE, the buyout of WCW and why he did not make the jump.

Now, it would seem as though his addition to the company roster would be to face The Undertaker. But it would also be one of those things he was doing to say he did without regret.

I think it's a bad move and does nothing but hurt the WWE and its growth than help the company and its future.