Syracuse Basketball: 5 Reasons to Be Glad You're an Orange Fan

Josh Schoch@JoshSchochAnalyst IIIJune 10, 2013

Syracuse Basketball: 5 Reasons to Be Glad You're an Orange Fan

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    There's no better college basketball team to root for than the Syracuse Orange!

    OK, so maybe that sounds a bit like a biased statement from a blindly faithful supporter of Jim Boeheim's crew, but there are definitely some great reasons to be happy if you're a Syracuse fan.

    Let's take a look at five of the best reasons.

5. The 2-3 Zone

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    There isn't a better zone defense in the country than Syracuse's.

    Playing a long, athletic version of the 2-3 zone, coach Boeheim and company find ways to stifle opponents and get out in transition.

    If you don't believe that the zone defense can be effective, I direct you to Syracuse's thumping of the No. 3-seeded Marquette in the Elite Eight of the 2013 NCAA tournament. The Orange held the Golden Eagles to just 39 points in 40 minutes.

    Orange fans love the team's defense, and the unique style is just what they want to see.

4. Loyal Devotion

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    Without any professional sports teams or that pesky distraction of a talented football team, college basketball reigns supreme 365 days a year in Syracuse.

    It's no overstatement to say that Syracuse fans bleed orange, and there's a reason why you can't step foot on campus without thinking that you've gone colorblind and everything looks orange.

    Syracuse fans are some of the most devoted fans in the country, and the basketball team is always a hot topic of conversation.

3. Consistent Recruiting

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    Have you ever heard of a bad Syracuse recruiting class?

    The Orange have been dominant on the recruiting trail in the last few years. The 2012 class featured big-bodied center DaJuan Coleman and future star Jerami Grant. The 2013 class boasts three Top 100 recruits and 2013-14 starting point guard Tyler Ennis.

    Jim Boeheim never lets Syracuse fans down. Every year Syracuse fans don't ask "Will our recruiting class be good?" but they ask "How good will our recruiting class be?"

2. There's No Place Like Dome

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    There might not be a better stadium in the college basketball world than the Carrier Dome.

    With it's incredible size, the Dome owns just about every regular season home game attendance record.

    Did I mention that the Orange also haven't lost a nonconference game in the Dome in five years?

1. Jim Boeheim

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    The best reason (and only one you need) to be thankful you're an Orange fan is legendary coach Jim Boeheim.

    It's just about impossible to go to a game in the Carrier Dome and not hear someone shout "JIMMY B" down to the court.

    Boeheim is a Hall of Fame coach, and he is loved by every true Syracuse fan.