MMA: From Human Cockfighting To Main Stream

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIMay 2, 2009

The world of sports in America has always been dominated by the usual Football, Baseball, Basketball and Soccer.

If your a new sport trying to break the mold of the sports before you, sometimes its just a matter of time on how long will it take for this to fail?

MMA has been around for years but never reached the status it is on right now.

UFC made the world of MMA, into what is today with many other promotions and leagues helping to push MMA to the top.

The sport was seen by viewers across America as just plan dumb and human cockfighting.

As there were no rules, no gloves, and just plan and simple no holds barred fighting action. This would lead to what seemed the end of MMA entirely.

Political figure John McCain and others pressured the sport to clean it self up, the lack of strick rules lead the PPV providers to stop carrying the UFC PPVs.

This is when the Fertitta brothers and Dana White jumped on board to take a hard task and turn it into an golden opportunity.

They provided stricter rules not only to clean the sport up to the media but to protect their talent as well from life threatening injuries.

After that things started to roll and everything became an domino effect as they became sanctioned by state athletic commissions and rebuilding and marketing it self as a legit main time sport.

It was stressful at first to grab the attention of more fans, but than The Ultimate Fighter came along and changed the land scape of the MMA world forever.

This was an hit and brought new eyes to the UFC and MMA in general as new fans wanted more and started doing research and discovered a new world.

But it wasn't in till the finals that the UFC and MMA started taking even bigger steps to greatness.

After seeing a great bout between Sanchez and Florian we thought nothing could get better than this. That is when the bell rang for the Griffen vs Bonnar fight to kick off.

From start to finish it was pure excitement and personal had me shouting, screaming and just dazed of what I was witnesing, I knew from that point that I had fell in love (laughs) with MMA.

From that point on like myself, fans became addicted and wanting to know all they can about the sport.

As time progressed fans told friends, those new fans told their friends and UFC & MMA became a direct hit and started climbing the ladder to success.

More talented fighters started to showcase their skills, PPV buys were going higher and even ESPN couldn't help but to pick up the current and will be ever lasting trend by debuting MMA Live.

But why is this sport so great and keeps on growing?

I will tell you why because you get great action like no other, you get to see two guys or two females go out there and let it all go just to have their arm raised for an win.

Because not in every sport do you see two bitter enemies, go in and do what they do and at the end of it all hug and show support. That is great respect right there.

You get to see athlete's give it their all after months away from their families and friends, to train and eat, sleep, and think about fighting. To finally showcase their skills not just for their own success but for fans across the world.

MMA still has lengths to go to become a main time sport and an house hold name sport but there is no doubt things are looking bright for MMA.

Will White prediction come true, will MMA not only be a main stay sport but they biggest sport of all?

Only time will tell and I will be watching every second of it.