Carlee Clemons Jumping Over 2 Players for Dunk Might Warrant Your Attention

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJune 7, 2013

Carlee Clemons seems to have beaten that pesky gravity. 

The Millbrook High School star (Raleigh, N.C) brought down the house with his slam dunk over two players standing in front of the basket. 

From the start of the video I was absolutely captivated. With a kid holding a ball and two others standing near the basket, how could you not be?

I was not disappointed.

Clemons comes racing down only to put forth his best Superman impression and soar above the other players. I don't even think his shorts touched his fellow dunkers, making this a legit leap over some pretty tall people. helps us out with a full report on the ridiculous dunk that went down at the Basketball Elite Southeast Summer Showcase in Winston-Salem, N.C., last weekend. 

If you weren't already impressed by the slam, the report states the two brave souls standing under the hoop were "6-foot-8 Javis Howard of Irmo (Columbia, S.C.) and 6-7 Gary Clark of Clayton (N.C.), two of the camp's top big men."

Clemons won the dunk contest, which is fairly evident by the way players scramble onto the court in excitement. 

While the Internet gives us a wide range of videos that hardly shock us anymore, there are those rare moments that entertain even the most jaded of sports observers. This is one of them. 

I don't care how many dunks you have seen, this one was sensational. 


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