Florida Football: 4 Reasons Why Trey Burton Should Get More Touches

Tyler Piccotti@@SYRTylerPContributor IIIJune 7, 2013

Florida Football: 4 Reasons Why Trey Burton Should Get More Touches

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    Most Gator fans expect the Florida offense to be anchored by a solid rushing attack, and for a very good reason.

    The Gator backfield is really good.

    Matt Jones and newcomer Kelvin Taylor both have the potential to break out as stars this season.

    Although Jones and Taylor grab more of the attention, there are other members of the Gator offensive attack that are highly skilled. One of those is Trey Burton.

    He has not had the major impact that the Florida faithful had hoped he would, but Burton is a solid player with a lot to offer.

    Here are four reasons why the former Venice High School standout should have a bigger role in 2013.

His Speed, Itself

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    If you need proof of Burton's deceptive quickness, look no further than his 80-yard touchdown against Tennessee back in September.

    He got one block at the line of scrimmage and was able to outrun every Volunteer defender along the sideline. With this one play, he was able to completely shift the momentum of the game and spark the Gators.

    Florida needs more of those plays in 2013, and Burton is someone who can deliver them.

    When he hits the open field, Burton can outrun almost every defender in the country. For this reason alone, he has immense value as an offensive playmaker.

    If Brent Pease can find more ways to deliver Burton the ball in open space, the senior could have a major impact this season.

His Other Skills

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    Sure, Burton is a speedster in the open field.

    However, he has other skills and attributes in his repertoire.

    For one, he has solid hands as a receiver. Because he has good size as well, he can develop into a safety blanket for Jeff Driskel. This role as a hybrid receiver/tight end would be very similar to that of Jordan Reed's last season, and this combination gave the Gators their only reliable passing option. It could do wonders in an improved offensive unit.

    Not to mention, he can throw the football. After all, he was a quarterback in high school. He can freeze a defense by pulling back and looking downfield.

    This triple threat of speed, catching ability and passing skills makes Burton a candidate for trick plays and other gadget formations. He can beat you in a variety of ways, and that kind of threat is something the Gators have lacked in recent years.

He's a Matchup Nightmare

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    So Burton can outrun you at full speed. He can also make tough catches in traffic, and he can even throw the football.

    The real question, then, is how to defend him.

    The main reason Burton is the perfect athlete for the Wildcat formation is his variety of different skills. Opposing defenders need to take his every move very seriously, and so he can easily trip them up by simply handing the ball off. Later on, when he might be expected to do the same, he can take the ball himself and do some damage.

    Simply put, his skill set makes him unpredictable. Thus, he is not an ideal matchup for opposing coordinators and defenders.

    After suffering through 2012 with a vanilla offense, the Gators could use more of this unpredictability in their attack. 

He's Got Something to Prove

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    As a senior, Burton has one final shot to deliver the goods as a member of the Florida program. If he can use this fact to motivate himself, he should be a dangerous threat to opponents.

    Burton has not necessarily played poorly as a Gator, but he has never been able to live up to the hype after his breakout game against Kentucky in 2010. Unfortunately, he peaked at the end of his freshman campaign and has not come close to reaching that same peak since.

    2013 will be his final shot to climb the proverbial mountain once again.

    Both an SEC championship and NFL draft aspirations are at stake for Burton. These two things could provide the spark that he needs for his game to reach the next level. If for no other reason than this, he deserves his chance to excel in his last go-around.