The Nickel Vol 9: New SD!, Morrison and MVP Pushes, Trish Who?, and More

AkDSenior Writer IMay 2, 2009

SD!'s New Look

It's been a while since I've done a Nickel that wasn't a complete show recap, so I figured now was the right time. Was it me, or was Smackdown off the charts this week? I went there live at MSG last Tuesday as can be read in my Dynasty Manifesto: Smackdown at MSG II, which won AOTD thanks to the community.

Back to SD!—it was really great. The new look is really great now that the rosters have be shaken up. Rey Mysterio and Jeff Hardy, two guys I'm not fans of, had one heck of a show in the ring. Chris Jericho really ran that show. All I can say is that...


It shows how much better-utilized he is here than he was on RAW. Punk has fit right in on Friday nights, I like him on SD, knew he was a SD! guy since I first saw him. 

RAW and Divas Division

Ummm, I don't know what to say about RAW. This is my favorite brand, but my goodness it has grown pale, dull, and boring.

Miz cut a promo that might have been one of the best I've ever heard. Other than that, nothing else drew me in. I might be shifting to SD!—my favorite star is there after all. WWE continues to pursue this "Santina" story and it's just further burying the Divas division.

Maryse is the Divas champion, and she didn't even get to wrestle in a tag match. Every time there is multi-diva match (more than two), it's destined to be under three minutes and will always leaves multiple divas without having the chance to wrestle in the match.

Brief View on Current Tag Division

Cryme Tyme is a tag team on SD!, but there aren't any tag titles? RAW has taken the Colons and their unified tag titles. It's ridiculous how Priceless are the only contenders and it's obvious they'll take the titles from them.

The division is so down under right now I don't even know where to start or look. It looks as if teams won't be revitalized anytime soon, so scrap them on SD! until and or unless they get a pair of tag titles back.

Cryme Tyme looks like they'll be getting no time...or at least time that they'll do anything important. I say put them with R-Truth and form some sort of faction.

Back to RAW: Matches between the Colons and Priceless has already started with a match on Superstars between DiBiase and Primo Colon, I believe. This division is going to be horrible for a quite a while—buckle your seat belts, folks.

Some food for thought

What is the greatest Diva rivalry? It's an interesting question, but many have come up with Trish Stratus vs Lita. Those two have had a rich history, but I've seen a greater rivarly.

With that said, Michelle McCool vs Maryse is the best Diva rivalry I've seen. I'm not going too far back in diva history because I know Alundra Blayze, Fabulous Moolah and many of the other divas of the past are legendary.

Anyway, I recommend this feud to everyone. They've fought on numerous occasions and is the only, if any, heel vs heel feud that went down. I'm open to debate. I encourage it in fact. Why do you think Maryse went to RAW?

It wasn't solely because she was Divas champ, but because RAW's divas were getting crapped on with the Maryse/McCool feud. Beth vs Melina was trash compared to these two and the same goes for Beth vs Mickie, and pretty much any RAW diva feud.

What happened on draft night? SD!'s divas destroyed RAW's divas and who lead the way? Maryse and McCool. It's great to see heel vs heel feuds—it doesn't happen much. The two drew so much heat that neither turned faced from feud.

They will face again. Team McCool v.s Team Maryse Survivor Series 09'? I don't really miss Trish anymore, I have McCool now. Trish was a great diva, but she was too girly. McCool and Maryse know how to get their hands dirty.

Michelle McCool vs. Maryse > Trish Stratus vs. Lita.

MVP and Morrison

I clap my hands as it appears that these are two chosen stars to receive pushes from RAW and SD! respectively. MVP has really gotten over since ending his losing streak, and you can't blame WWE for running with the ball.

He's already in the media with The View and what not, so his future looks really bright. He's gotten back the U.S. title from Shelton Benjamin and was drafted to RAW where he looks to be a future big time player.

On SD!, it's John Morrison. WWE had to make a move with a star and this was it. They would be sorry if they didn't jump on Morrison—his popularity is through the roof. He gets HBK comparisons and all the women love him. He's going to do big things on the blue brand.

MVP has confronted Randy Orton, and Morrison had a tussle with Chris Jericho. Both men have the door open for them. It'll be good to watch these men develop, but there will be one man, who I'll be watching above all. Congrats to Morrison and MVP.