The 20 Most Adorable Unofficial Mascots in Sports

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The 20 Most Adorable Unofficial Mascots in Sports

Mascots, in whichever form they take, are surprisingly polarizing. You wouldn't think something as silly as Fighting Okra would get people so fired up, but people tend to love them or hate them. 

People who love them are more likely to be fun-loving optimists with a 'glass half-full' vision of the world. Even if they aren't especially fond of one particular mascot, it's not the sort of thing that's going to fill them with rage. 

On the other hand, people who hate them are more likely to be angry sycophants who are addicted to be outraged about…things. Pretty much anything and everything. You name it, and they'll stir up some outrage. 

The issue gets even more polarizing when you delve into the area of unofficial mascots. If you like mascots, you're probably going to welcome a few extra guests to the party. The more the merrier, right? 

Well, unless you don't like mascots. Then you're probably going to call the cops to report the party crashers and run outside in your underwear to threaten them with a bat. "Get off my lawn, you little punks!" 

So! If you love mascots, enjoy this gallery of 20 of the most adorable unofficial mascots in sports. And if you hate them, enjoy the outrage high it provides and consider it your official fix for the day. 

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