Skitsafrantic: Gimmicks That Could Work in the WWE (Part 2)

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIMay 2, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen of the B/R Wrestling Community, welcome to Skitsafrantic Part 2.

In the first installment, we took a look at four possible gimmicks that could shake things up, and be successful in the WWE.

The four gimmicks that were highlighted were The Phantom, The Punisher, Muhammad Ali, and none other than the deranged Joker.

I asked for some assistance, from my fellow B/R Wrestling Community writers to give their own suggestion on a gimmick idea.

So I give big thanks to Ben Sampson for giving an idea for an Apocalypse type of character.

So in part two we are going to take a look at possible candidates to take the role of the gimmicks and how to make the gimmick a success.

When it comes to an gimmick in the wrestling world, it is either an hit or a bad miss. Gimmicks can make you shine or just simply get denied by the crowd. So to make an good gimmick, there have to be keys to unlock the door to success.

Names like Undertaker, well especially the Undertaker as his gimmick has been the longest gimmick I know of to make an impact right of the bat, from his debut all the way until today.

Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Bret Hart, HBK, Triple H and others have all had to test the waters with gimmicks in till the right one fell right in front of their face to show them the road to greatness.

With WWE's recent failures, notably Kizarny (I really am still mad about that, honestly how you going to hire someone who cant...Never mind that will take all day to let all that out (laughs)), Kevin Thorn, Boogeyman and a long list of names that just make you want to break your TV screen just at the sight of them.

So this brought me to this, Skitsafrantic, and maybe WWE could actually get an hint of what fans want to see.



First you would need a real good background why is the reason The Phantom is watching and waiting for the moment to do what he is going to do.

There are endless possibilities for this gimmick, revenge on an fellow wrestler, a cold hearted stalker of a lovely diva, or just wanting to destroy the WWE.

The Phantom could hang around watching and waiting, disturbing and disrupting the WWE Universe for unknown reasons.

This could be a great intro to a struggling superstar, and once their identity is revealed, this could blast them to greatness maybe.


Now thinking of an character for this gimmick could be easy and hard at the same time. First you would have to decide on the character's main goal and plot.

I see it as an introducing gimmick. This means not long lasting just to grab the WWE Universe attention, and watch you have it reveal the true identity. I would want to fill the role with an struggling superstar.

So my picks would be Zach Ryder, Curt Hawkins, or Charlie Haas. Ryder and Hawkins looked to be a promising tag team, but we would soon to come to find out that they would be Edge's lackeys and just that.

These two have the talent and skills to succeed in the WWE but need a major push to do so, as WWE doesn't seem to know what to do with them like most of their talents.

Now Charlie Haas has had more success than those two, but still cannot get over the lower card status, as I still see him not in the ranks of mid-card.

Once part of the self-proclaimed "The World's Greatest Tag Team", to now where he can't decide who he wants to be (by acting like other superstars from the past and present).

Now whoever were to claim the rights to the role would come in just stalking and interfering matches but will not be shown, the lights will go out and something would have already taken place.

As the week progress the fans will notice strange things happening, messages from this Phantom of lack of respect and all the hard work that has been un-noticed.

This character's main plot would be to disrupt their brand and fellow superstars to finally get noticed.

Once The Phantom reveals himself, he should get that boost they need to succeed in the WWE.


The Joker is portrayed as a master criminal whose characterization has varied from that of a mass murderer and terrorist to a goofy trickster-thief.

He revels in chaos and destruction, believing it to be hysterical (Thanks, Wikipedia).

Why so serious? I will tell you why, because this would make a great WWE gimmick. Far from the clown you used to know as Doink the Clown, this gimmick can set fear into the PG fans everywhere.

Destruction and playing jokes at the same time would make some great TV time for the WWE.

Now Sulayman, brought up a good point, "The underlying message behind Joker's massacre would be ignored and he'd just be a villain and I wouldn't want that."

Very true Sulayman, because every gimmick/character has to take the route of being an heel or babyface a few times in their career.


Okay for this role I once again see Hawkins or Ryder to take lead of this role too. But to be more honest I would rather see a fresh new talent that we never seen before to cause chaos in the WWE.

Now obviously there are many things this character could do to disrupt the WWE Universe, but as an face, what could be done?

First, I see this character coming in as an very crazy character. The back story would be as an kid he would be beaten up and bullied, and he enjoyed it and laughed.

So fellow kids would compare his laugh to the one of The Jokers and he would than take that nickname.

Finally one day this Joker could not take it any more and went crazy and was eventually sent away for his act of crime, but has returned to his old ways and wants to shake up the WWE.

Now for this gimmick to work as an Face character I can see him turning on a fellow heel and instead of doing his crazy acts on the faces, it would now be focused on the heels.

But he would still act weird and keep the faces wondering by giving them riddles and laughing and just plan being nuts still.


Muhammad Ali wasn't a comic book character but could and would make a great gimmick.

Every WWE superstar wants to be the greatest, that is why they are in the game, right?

So why not have a cocky heel or baby face trash talk competition like no other, showing their swagger and never lets you hear the last of it if they get a victory over you.

This character in the boxing ring would be great in the WWE ring, with slick promos, and jokes that will crack fans up.


Now thanks to Shane once again for pointing something out, "Do you think that MVP is kinda, sorta trying to play that Ali role with his uber-confident act?"

Yes, I do. But I don't think he feels the whole role itself, I think more cockiness, more swagger, more jabs at competitors would help fulfill the role.

Now the other candidate is none other than Shelton Benjamin. I have a good reason for this too, as a lot of fans say he has no mic skills that is why he is still in the position he is in.

So my main pick would be Benjamin, as MVP's character is starting to become a success.

Now with this gimmick, Shelton would be able to work the mic, and the crowd more he can have that greatness swagger, and not only would he be able to talk about it, he can back it up.


The Punisher wages a one-man war on the mob and all criminals in general by using all manner of weaponry, seeking revenge on the ones who took his family's life.

This could make a great babyface character or even a flip-flop character, a character you don't know which way they are going to react.

This Punisher character can seek revenge on the ones of the WWE roster who took him out of action in until he gets every last one that did so.

But just because he seems like a heel, don't take his kindness for weakness as he can also turn on his fellow faces to get to the top.

This dark baby-face could be a fresh new idea that no one has seen before.



Before I decide to fill this role, I would like to say out of the four gimmicks this was the most popular one.

"My favorite is Punisher out of the bunch...I would love to see someone work the gimmick," said AkD.

"I'd rather be interested in the Punisher gimmick," Said by Sulayman.

"I would love to see that Punisher gimmick. He can be a face but does heel-ish tactics all in the name of justice," said Shane Howard.

Not only would this be an hit with my fellow B/R writers this would be a superstar blasting to the top of the WWE roster.

Now for an candidate I would like to see a brand new superstar, because this would be a role that you don't know know anything about the wrestler who would take the role.

This character would need to be mysterious, and not expecting what is going to happen ever time he appears on TV.

This could be a huge hit for the WWE, and would be a fresh and new idea that could draw in more viewers.



"What about a Apocalypse-style gimmick?

Think about it; a wrestler who can see the future. Could make a good foreteller, or a heel wrestler who proclaims that he can see angels and God."

Now I brought a good point to Ben's attention, "But didn't we see a gimmick like this in WWE, wasn't he name Mordecai?"

"Yeah, we did. But, he said God had chosen him to rid the earth of sinners, but he never said he could see him.

I'd put Randy in that kind of role, or maybe DiBiase or Rhodes; they could live up to their reputation.

If you've got any other suggestions, that'd be great to know." replied Ben.



Okay now first I would have to disagree with your picks as Ted DiBiase and Rhodes current roles are working for them and are promising future stars.

Now for the Randy Orton pick I am so, so, so sorry but that is far from were I would go with this gimmick. Now I say this because you have to sit there and think who is the most must see TV right now on WWE Raw.

The only name you can think of is Randy Orton, he has upgraded him self so much the dude is being compared to Austin. So I would leave Orton alone for the time being, as he seems to be fine.

Now I would want this to be a new character but if it were to be an veteran I would just bring the man who started it all and that is Kevin Thorn.

I would also say Mike Knox, but this character would have to really and I mean really be into it.

Now the only way I see this to success is to immediately feud with The Undertaker, by disagreeing with his dark ways like how HBK did it but in more of an obsessed way and freaky way.

The main plan would to be to rid the WWE of evil and bad things that this character feels is wrong with the product.

And like Ben said, he could say he is hearing messages from GOD, to rid the WWE of so and so.

Now after The Undertaker, this gimmick should have enough steam to feud with others and still be interesting and one day be successful as The Undertaker could make you famous (laughs).

I know Jeff was already pretty popular before he battled the Dead Man in an ladder match but after the fans see his heart in that match he skyrocket to fame even more.


Light Bulb

Now here is the list so far for Skitsafrantic, now I am still looking for others opinions, so if you have an entry, please don't be afraid to let me know.

Thank you, and please comment and leave feedback.


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