Amazin's Phight Past The Phils

Sean MatraiContributor IMay 31, 2016

I do agree,That win was big for the Mets last night.And as usual the Mets get to the opposing SP early. Murphy starts by hitting a two run tater to right field to make the lead 2-0.

They would eventually score five more runs to make they're lead up to seven.But anyway ill break down the Batting ups and downs as well as the Pitching ups and downs of the game.


Chan Ho Park (down) He is not reliable at all for the Phillies.He has an era of 8.57 era in five games started including last nights against the Mets.Hes doing Horribly. The only reason he got the ball is because four years ago he pitched very well against the amazins. He pitched horribly last night allowing seven runs.

Mike Pelfrey (up) He pitched very well in his last outing against the Nationals at Citi Field. The 6' man allowed just two runs.His performance last night was pretty good five innings three runs. I'll take that any day.When especially the Mets pen is the way it is.


Mets (up)

Not much to say other than good and pretty solid. Felicano pitched two good innings except for allowing the solo shot to Utley. The Putz and K-Rod combo worked very well. And for the first time Putz saw an aggressive rivalry.


The Bullpen was very solid allowing no runs to the Mets. Not really much to say though but they did a good job.



They're getting on the right track the offensive production last night was better than it was. And it was noticeable that they were being more aggressive on the basepads. That should make more Mets fans (including me) more happy. Also David Wright also spoke to the club about needing to score more than the first inning. Good job by David taking that role as a leader.


It was pretty decent, nothing like we saw against the Nat's though Utley did hit a bomb and Ibanez hit a broken bat single and Feliz did drive in a run so it was good.