Minnesota Vikings Hope For Big Reward From Percy Harvin

Andy SmithCorrespondent IMay 2, 2009

ATLANTA - DECEMBER 06:  Percy Harvin #1 of the Florida Gators watches pregame warmups before the start of the SEC Championship against the Alabama Crimson Tide during the SEC Championship on December 6, 2008 at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

With their 22nd pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, the Minnesota Vikings took a big risk in drafting University of Florida star Percy Harvin. Whom some call an easy top ten pick had it not been for off the field trouble and a failed drug test.

That's what happened when the young Harvin tested positive in February for Marijuana during the NFL Scouting Combine. Percy also openly admitted that his last recent smoke came as early as January.

After that inncident, many teams dropped the young Florida star from their draft boards because of a conflict with his chararcter and what the kind of character they wanted on their teams.

However, the Minnesota Vikings weren't so quick to judge and boot young Percy from their list. To get a better understanding, Vikings head coach Brad Childress took a visit down to Florida with a couple days before the draft, to meet with Pery Harvin and get a general perspective of the young man's character and "his side of the story".

As many Vikings fans know, when Brad Childress was hired on as the new head coach in 2006, the Vikings were trying to sepperate them selves from the "Love Boat" scandal. As Childress came in he brought with him his very own "Chararcter of Accountibility" lesson and idea that you need the right players to make a team better based on a player's character and morals.

Any Vikings fan knows all too well, when they drafted Percy Harvin with the 22nd overall pick that "Accountability" lesson when right out of the door.

Many NFL experts believed Harvin wouldn't be drafted high because of his off the field issues that have plagued him since high school. Where he was kicked off his high school track team and thrown out of sports because of altercations with other students and faculty of the school.

He also apparently had anger problems and was seen as a Hot head at times. Knowing to get into arguments on the side lines with Florida head coach Urban Meyer and others.

No football expert will forget to mention the fact that Harvin has had a injury history that many experts believe will follow him into the NFL.

So with young Percy Harvin being wrapped up in so much off the field controversy, why would the Minnesota Vikings want such a high risk player?

Here's possibly a couple reasons why:

*Maybe the Vikings feel the leadership they have in their locker-room is enough to mentor the young gun and train him to be a star on and off the field.

*Maybe the Vikings are tired of being labeled as a team that doesn't have enough talent for a Super Bowl.

*Maybe it's the fact that Percy Harvin had a phenomenal Junior year racking up yards as a dual threat WR/RB at Florida. ***(1,622 all-purpose yards/ 59 passes for 858 yards and 4 touchdowns/ He rushed for 764 yards and six scores on 83 attempts.)

***In the Vanderbilt game, he became the first player in school history to total 100 yards rushing (113) and 100 yards receiving (110) in the same contest!!!

*Maybe it's the fact that Harvin can make explosive plays any where on the field.

*Maybe the Vikings like the idea of using him in a Wildcat system.

There could be many reasons the Minnesota Vikings drafted him and how they will use him this up-coming season.

Mainly I see talented young player who can be explosive on the field and can create big plays. A guy who can line up on the line as a WR and break a long one almost every time. I see a guy who's so multi-taleneted that you can line him up in the backfield with RB Adrian Peterson and give defenses another reason to worry.

With all this talent, there is no reason Percy Harvin can't be that explosive, star-talent the Minnesota Vikings were looking for. It all depends on Percy Harvin and  If he can keep himself out of trouble.

The Vikings may have risked a lot but if they turn this kid into raw NFL star potential, you can be guaranteed the Vikings front office as well as Childress will be seen as pure geniuses.

*All facts and statistics came:(www.NFL.com, MPLS Star Tribune)