ICL Dries. BCCI Offers a Ray Of Hope.Take a Bow.

Nikhil NadipelliCorrespondent IMay 2, 2009

Lehman Brothers is no more. So are many other big names in financial markets. Chrysler is the latest name added to the list of many such disastrous cases. Maybe not. But that is enough to show that world is cruel and no one has been spared or to put it in better words nothing has been spared. Not even sport.

World is cruel. Yes if you think it is. If those big players weren't as greedy as they were they would have ended up bankrupt. It was all in their hands.

ICL was affected immensely by the financial meltdown. Players who were attracted by the deep pockets of its owners are yet to be paid in full. Rather even half. World is cruel. If you think it is.

Then suddenly the big bully of world Cricket as they say provided some ray of hope. BCCI decided to offer amnesty to the cricketers who joined the rebel league if they resign from it before May 31.

The players who choose to return to the official fold will be eligible to play international cricket after a one-year 'cooling period' but can play domestic cricket from June 1, when the ICC's new rules on official and unofficial cricket come into force.

Following the BCCI many nations are also ready to offer the same. New Zealand is expected to right away allow their players to join the national team which suffered mainly due to talented players like Bond and Marshal have joined the ICL. Pakistan is another country which would gain the most with this deal with almost half of its national team earlier joining the ICL.

So its now up to the players to decide their own fate. We will now know whether the Indian players joined the league for money or desperation to get a place in the national squad keeping faith in Kapil Dev.

ICL had said initially when they were recruiting players that they would not come in the way of a player if he gets a chance to play for the country. This could now be the chance for many talented cricketers who have joined the rebel league due to many reasons including frustration and financial problems.

Now through IPL the chances for making it into the national team are significantly high and the selection is now more transparent. Even during the worst of the times the world offers hope. World is cruel. But there is a big "IF" and that if is in your hands.