Top 10 Current Boston Sportscasters

Christopher CostaContributor IMay 2, 2009

Sportscaster,Team, Role,  and Famous Quote

1. Mike Gorman, Celtics, Play-by-play: "GOT IT!" Excellent play-by-play, explains well. Has enough experience to know what kind of fouls are called and delivers information accurately.


2. Tom Heinsohn, Celtics, Color: "Tommy Point!" or "Are you kidding me?" Brings a sense of passion to the game, and provides great color commentary.


3. Don Orsillo, Red Sox, Play-by-play: N/A. Talks just the right amount, doesn't leave dead air, and provides important information accurately. Great sense of humor.


4. Jerry Remy, Red Sox, Color: N/A. Knows the game of baseball and knows the ins and outs of the Red Sox. Provides important information.


5. Jack Edwards, Bruins, Play-by-play: "Shot, score!" (I would assume most hockey casters say something like this...) Brings passion to the fast-paced game, rarely misses a play.


6. Andy Brickley, Bruins, Color: N/A. Knows a lot about the Bruins and provides insight to the way the Bruins play.


7. Tom Caron, Red Sox, pre/postgame commentary: N/A. Well-versed in the game of baseball. Delivers important information and analysis with a great sense of humor.


8. Gil Santos, Patriots, Play-by-play, N/A. I had to pick a radio broadcaster for the Pats because let's face it, the CBS casters are essentially national, so they have no real connection to Boston. Gil Santos has been the voice of the Patriots on 104.1 WBCN for 14 years. Delivers excellent play-by-play.


9. Gino Cappelletti, Patriots, Color: N/A. Gino and Gil have been together for 14 years on WBCN alone. Together, they total 23 years together, and Gino has a total of 25 years as color commentator. Always provides important analysis.


10. Heidi Watney, Red Sox, Sideline: N/A. She's hot. 'Nuff said.


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