IPL 2009: IPL Superstars Singing In South Africa!

Rocky GettersSenior Writer IMay 2, 2009

CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA - APRIL 18:  Kolkata Knight Riders captain Brendan McCullum, Rajasthan Royals captain Shane Warne, Deccan Chargers captain Adam Gilchrist and Mumbai Indians captain Sachin Tendulkar have a chat during the IPL T20 match between Rajasthan Royals and Royal Challengers Bangalore at Newlands Cricket Ground on April 18, 2009 in Cape Town, South Africa.  (Photo by Tom Shaw/Getty Images)

Ever wondered, which songs different IPL superstars and super-teams are singing or should be singing? Well, thank heavens, yours truly Rocky Getters is at it again, helping innovate the IPL craziness. Delight you will, I hope.


Shane Warne: Looking at how much he's flirting and slyly smiling away with his boss -- the Bollywood bombshell Shilpa Shetty and other IPL cheerleaders, I bet he's humming, "I'm a flirt... Ima Ima Ima Ima flirt! Soon as I see her walk up in the club, Ima flirt..."  (artist : BOW WOW feat. R. KELLY)

Shahrukh Khan: The Kolkata Knight Riders are all but out of the tournament already. Their boss Shahrukh Khan, is almost bankrupt, and so much disinterested in the IPL that he's returned to India and may never come back to South Africa again.

No surprise, I saw him sit alone at a bar, cry, look at his losing Knight Riders team on TV and sing, "Heartache every moment, from the start till the end, heartache every moment, with you...." (artist : HIS INFERNAL MAJESTY)

Team Royal Challengers Bangalore: The way they are losing a bunch of matches, just like last season, I wonder if they sing this to their boss Mallya, "Oops! I did it again!" (artist : BRITNEY SPEARS)

Vijay Mallya, owner of Royal Bangalore Challengers: Lately, he has gone totally mad due to the poor performance of his team and can only curse. He sings, "#%$@$!^#@%^" (artist : HIMSELF)

Yuvraj Singh: They way the Punjab Kings XI are missing their Australian players and desperately miss the runs they scored, their captain Yuvi, must be singing, "I miss you, I miss your smile... and I shed a tear, every once in a while..." (artist : MILEY CYRUS)

Adam Gilchrist: The way the Deccan Chargers have dominated this season after failing ever so miserably last time round, I bet he is singing, "I'm a believer! yeahiyeah! I'm a believer" (artist : THE MONKEES)

Sachin Tendulkar: People say T20 cricket is not for old guys. Tendulkar is 36-years-old, but the way he smashes the ball past the boundary line with a vengeance, he belittles those rumors. And he sings, "Who's your daddy? Say, whose your daddy? Who's your daddy, #@$$, who's your daddy?!" (artist : LORDI)

John Buchanan: All the decisions made by the Kolkata Knight Riders team have failed and the team is at the bottom. And yet, their coach denies to accept he's wrong. Maybe he sings to himself, "King of wishful thinking, yeah...yeah, yeah, I'm the king of Wishful Thinking!" (artist : GO WEST)

Virender Sehwag: The Nawab of Najafgad has lost his touch. He returns to the dugout quicker than a guy runs after seeing his mother-in-law walk towards him. I think I heard him sing alone to himself about his 'lost form' this particular song, "Who Knew? If someone said three years from now... you'll be long gone.. I'll stand up and punch them out... I knew better, cause you said forever..... who knew?" (artist : PINK)

IPL supremo Lalit Modi: Just a few weeks ago, there were serious doubts if the IPL will even take place at all. But even though the Indian government denied IPL, South Africa greeted Lalit Modi and his band of IPL Nephilim with open arms. He sings to South Africa, "Thank you for loving me.... for being my eyes, when I couldn't see....." (artist : BON JOVI)

Sanjay Bangar, Mushraffe Mortaza, Akash Chopra: All these players were promised an opportunity to play in cricket's biggest festival in modern times, and yet for different reasons none were even considered. With a sore throat and heavy heart they look to their captains and sing, "Quit playing games with my heart...." (artist : BACKSTREET BOYS)

Chennai Super Kings to Suresh Raina: Looking at Raina's form, no doubts the Chennai faithfuls are singing to him, "You're my angel.. miracle... you're all I need tonight." (artist : LIONEL RITCHIE)

The IPL spectators: I heard them sing, "Gimme, gimme.. gimme gimme more..." But I dunno if they were talking about the cricket or the cheerleaders! (artist : the legendary MISS BRITNEY SPEARS)

Yours truly, Rocky Getters: I only sing the classics. Like, "Simply Irresistible..." and "Shake that $%@ for me..." And I'm definitely talking about blonde cheerleaders, ay! (artist : #1 ROBERT PALMER. #2 EMINEM feat. NATE DOGG)

p.s. : Do I hear a new song... wait... listen to the chants of the readers shouting...."POTD..... POTD......POTD...."