Jimmy Kimmel Trolls Tiger Woods and Nike with Hilarious Fake Commercial

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Jimmy Kimmel heeded Nike's advice and just did it. 

On Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host informed the audience that Tiger Woods was on the verge of signing an endorsement deal with Nike, giving Kimmel the opportunity to feature a brand newalbeit fake—ad campaign.

That's when we saw Woods taking a giant cut, with the classic "Just Do It" popping up on the screen.

Of course, there were some caveats to the sentiment—in fact, there were a ton. 

The funny part is that comedy isn't all that far removed from reality, because Nike once released an ad campaign that showed Woods' image with the title "Winning Takes Care of Everything" emblazoned across it. That particular campaign was pulled after a flood of fan vitriol hit the sports apparel company.

While Nike continues to toe the edge of decorum, even it wouldn't broadcast something this outrageous.

Not that Woods cares about a little ribbing from the late-night talk show host, because life is once again beautiful for the star golfer. 

Forbes' Kurt Badenhausen actually touched upon how sweet things have been for Woods recently. He is once again the No. 1 golfer in the world and has taken the top spot as the highest-paid athlete in sports in Forbes' eyes, usurping Floyd Mayweather Jr. 

Badenhausen credits EA Sports, as well as "Rolex, Upper Deck, TLC Eye Centers, NetJets, Japan’s Kowa and sports nutrition firm Fuse Science."

Woods also receives about $20 million annually from Nike and is about to sign an extension, according to the Forbes article. 

It's all quite remarkable when you consider where he was at the tail end of 2009 and beyond. The star golfer has worked hard to regain what he may have lost professionally. 

Thankfully for us, the jokes are still very much alive, too. 

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