Triple-A Manager Takes Umpire Spat to New Heights By Taking Seat on Field

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJune 4, 2013

Grown men can pout with the best of them. 

From the land of people who just didn't get their way and want to kick and scream to illustrate their disdain comes this Triple-A manager who would be quite comfortable next to the kid at Disneyland who wasn't allowed to get an ice cream. 

Jack Dickey of Deadspin found the latest (and dare I say greatest?) example of a baseball skipper digging deep to get his point across. 

Playing out before your very eyes is Buffalo Bisons manager Marty Brown absolutely losing it after umpire Kelvin Bultron deems there was no interference on the previous play. 

Now, I have played this thing a few times and cannot quite determine if there was obvious interference. It certainly seems like the second baseman's leg got kicked a little. 

But a debate on the finer details of the call would be missing the bigger picture, which is the comedy that takes place with every second Brown uses to pout on the infield grass. 

The announcers are convinced his antics will cost the manager, and they certainly do as local TV station WKBW informs us the International League suspended Brown for three games. 

Sadly, Brown gets up and walks off the field—but not before throwing his glasses and kicking his hat off the field. 

What I really needed was to see every last umpire drag a petulant manager from the field as he kicked, screamed and clawed at the field. 

Now that would have been something. 


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