Sheamus and Randy Orton Have No Chemistry as a Tag Team

Anthony MangoFeatured ColumnistJune 6, 2013

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Randy Orton and Sheamus are two of the biggest stars in WWE today, but their success as singles competitors does not mean they are automatically a good tag team when paired together.

In fact, the duo is perhaps one of the worst tag teams on the roster.

The current WWE Tag Team Champions, The Shield, are quite popular and proving themselves to be entertaining in the ring. However, the roster is currently lacking for credible challengers.

WWE appears to be repackaging The Usos in an attempt to position them as more plausible contenders to the title scene, but neither them nor the other tag teams of Tons of Funk, Rhodes Scholars or The Prime Time Players have made a dent against the Hounds of Justice.

The only two sets of partners that have stood any chance against The Shield have been Team Hell No and the somewhat random grouping of Sheamus and Orton.

The former team has worked for quite a long time, while the latter has been nothing but filler that makes little sense.

There are two key differences between these teams that showcase just exactly why one of them is successful and the other one isn't.

Team Hell No has been more of a triumph than most of us ever would have imagined when the "anger management" angle started last year. This is due mostly to the chemistry that Kane and Daniel Bryan have together.

That same chemistry is lacking in the team of Sheamus and Orton.

With Team Hell No, one-half of the former champions is a grizzled veteran and a monster, while the other is still a relatively fresh face and is far from the most imposing physical threat. Kane is a bit on the quiet side, yet Bryan won't shut up.

With Sheamus and Orton, both men are tough, stubborn and in your face. Neither one will back down from a challenge even if they will lose from their over-eagerness to fight.

What possible interaction between the two of them—other than a physical confrontation—could the audience be interested in seeing? There is nothing to argue about outside of a feud spawned from breaking the team up. Orton and Sheamus would just continue to wrestle alongside the other simply for a mutual win as they've been doing, which is bland.

When Hell No wrestles a match, the difference in their style changes the pace. This allows fans to witness some slower brute force with Kane and a more quickened, technical style when Bryan is in the ring, which keeps things exciting.

On the other hand, Sheamus and Orton have wrestling styles that are too similar to each other, meaning there is no change or break from the brawling. Orton has more of a technical set of moves than Sheamus, but it isn't different enough to really stand out.

Since Kane is getting closer and closer to the end of his career, Bryan has been effectively the star of this tag team because it makes more sense for him to be given the rub and take that push to further his career.

In comparison, both Sheamus and Orton are main event stars already. Neither one has a leverage of momentum.

There doesn't always need to be a Shawn Michaels and a Marty Jannetty of every tag team, but WWE tends to give one member of the team a priority push over the other when they split. So in this case, which one takes the step backward?

The only reason Sheamus and Orton were teamed up in the first place was a mixture of filling space and time as well as planting possible seeds of a feud between the two later on, rather than actually working well together as a unit for the sake of the tag team division.

This random pairing has nothing going for it other than to run on the fumes of the star power the individuals already had going into it. It will never amount to more than it has already achieved, which is relatively nothing.

In the end, the tag team of Orton and Sheamus is merely a case of two blanks being filled in with two superstars that had nothing to do—not two wrestlers that have a legitimate connection to each other.

Are you a fan of Sheamus and Orton? Would you like to see them win the Tag Team Championship? Or do you agree that the team leaves much to the imagination?

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