Late Breaking News on Bobby Lashley's TNA Contract!

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIMay 1, 2009

If you saw TNA LockDown PPV,you know in the end of the match between Jeff Jarrett's team and Kurt Angle's team, Bobby Lashley made his TNA Debut. With a smirk from Angle and a disturbed look from Jarrett, Lashley looked to make an iMPACT by pointing at the ring.

I guess pointing to put everyone on notice, or just pointing to say, "Hey look, a Cage!"

Kind of weird that he comes and says nothing, and just points the whole time, but oh well.

According to the Wrestling Observer, "Lashley signed a three-day contract to do the LockDown PPV, and did the next two tapings for iMPACT. Now Lashley has signed a long term deal with TNA."

The long term deal has not been disclosed, no word on what he will make or what his schedule will be. Just that he has a long term deal.

But I would think it is long term because of Lashley doing his MMA career. Jarrett said in an earlier interview, that TNA would work with Lashley on his MMA career. So he should feel comfortable there.

He may have a part time role for now, and when he has fights he will take time off.

Nothing like this has been done before, in which an MMA fighter does both pro-wrestling and MMA at the same time in TNA or WWE. TNA beat you to it WWE, sorry.

Frank Trigg did a small stint in TNA, but was taking a break from his MMA career at the time.

And former WWE Wrestler Ken Shamrock was just doing work in WWE and nothing with MMA at the time. He did go back to it, however, after leaving the WWE.

Now Lashley will be making Pro-Wrestling and MMA history. They finally are crossing the line, and this is something I like. They may not be crossing the line pro-wrestling wise, but going over into something like MMA is huge.

Because of Lashley's involvement in both, it is free promotion for Lashley and TNA while he is MMA. And it is free exposure for the MMA organization Lashley fights for.

Also, Pay-Per-View sales could go up because of Lashley's presence, and, of course, during the fights he is in, TNA could come up a bit—again putting there name out there.

So the marketing here is great for TNA.

Lashley's role is uncertain right now, he is rumored to be either joining the Main Event Mafia or act as if he is and surprise people and join the Front Line.

He is a former two-time ECW Champion, so he is eligible to join the Mafia, if that is where they go.

Lashley still has wrestling ability, but I am still wondering how he will do with both Pro-Wrestling and MMA as his dual career.