Dolph Ziggler May Return Just in Time to Drop the World Heavyweight Championship

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistJune 3, 2013


Current World heavyweight champion Dolph Ziggler rejoined WWE on its live tour in street clothes this past weekend.  The current champion has been out of action since May with lingering concussion issues and still has yet to defend the major championship he won back in April. 

WWE, possibly in panic mode, has already begun to pull the trigger on the inevitable Big E Langston bite-the-hand-that-fed-him babyface turn. 

AJ Lee was booked to berate him following an even-Steven loss to Alberto Del Rio on Raw just one week after Langston scored a clean victory over Del Rio. 

The undeserving tongue-lashing has begun to make Langston a sympathetic figure.  His eventual face turn will resemble the likes of other monsters such as Batista, who eventually revolted against Triple H following their Evolution alliance. 

Ziggler's timetable for a return still remains uncertain.  The longer he remains out of action, the more steam the World heavyweight championship loses with its champion unable to defend it. 

AJ's (and eventually Dolph's) mounting frustration with Big E will invariably lead to a program between Langston and Ziggler. 

WWE reportedly had plans to pit Langston against Mark Henry at in the summer, indicating high hopes for the powerlifting hoss. 

With Henry currently out of the picture due to a reported shoulder injury, according to via, the logical choice may be to pit Ziggler against Langston at SummerSlam. WWE could even get cute by having Langston win the Money in the Bank match come July, forcing tension between the current allies. 

The chronically impatient promotion will be salivating at the opportunity to pull the trigger on Langston's potential as a World champion. His test run as a World champion in NXT was a success.  Fans connected with his "five second" gimmick, and he even got to rub elbows with Vickie Guerrero.  

Langston's change of heart could be too premature for fans to really care.  But if he catches on as a babyface, Ziggler's time as World champion could be over before it starts, possibly meaning a second farcical run for the two-time champion. 

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