Who Will Be the Steve Austin to Shane McMahon?

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IMay 1, 2009

Vince McMahon and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin had one of the greatest rivalries in professional wrestling history. Words can't describe the rivalry they had, the matches they had, or the moments that they had.

Stone Cold and Vinnie Mac, however, have passed us by.

Austin is long gone, working on his acting career. McMahon will be around longer, but when will the boss hand over the business in full to his son (Shane) and daughter (Stephanie)?

Shane McMahon is the son of the man who made wrestling what it is today.

So with the industry on the verge of being his, I ask: Who will play the role of Austin to Shane?

The one name that comes to mind is the man that is being compared to Austin: Randy Orton.

I have watched these two numerous times going at it. It will happen again this Monday  on Raw.

These two show a younger version of the Austin and Vince and more athletic and could put on a better match.

What could be a perfect match for these to TLC, Steel Cage, or No DQ. My guess would be a Hell in a Cell match the new version.

These two could put on a five-star show but they would first need to build the match it self before having it.

They announce a match that should have took place two weeks from last Monday Night but they rush the match and it could have been built within a week, they just would have need the right push to the match.

Don't make a normal match; make it TLC or Steel Cage make the match interesting.

Austin and Vince had their first match in a Steel Cage, and look how that ended up.

We know this will not be there first match against each other but it could be better than what we did see.

I love the idea of Randy Orton and Shane McMahon trying to re-create some of the magic that we saw with Austin and Vince, and we know it will not be replicated and I'm glad it won't but it these two can take it to boundaries that we only dreamed of.

These two have the potential to be Austin/McMahon II, but they would need to be a little edgier.

The seeds could be planted for these two have a great rivalry.

Orton is one of the top heels in wrestling today. I don't see that changing anytime soon. But Shane has been booed more every time the two face each other.

Orton could be getting changed from a heel to a face, albeit very slowly.

Shane has been a face most of his career, and I think it's time to the WWE turned that upside down. It could be the Austin/McMahon of this decade.

The WWE writers would have to make this watchable and something different then it was with Austin and Vince. But it is do-able.

What do you think? Who do you think will be the Austin to Shane McMahon?