33rd Annual Maggotfest Rugby Tournament Schedule Announced

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33rd Annual Maggotfest Rugby Tournament Schedule Announced
(Photo by Lee Warren/Gallo Images/Getty Images)

Thanks to Lance and John of Maggotfest, I was able to get the schedule ahead of time for Maggotfest!

33rd Annual Maggotfest Rugby Tournament - May 2-3, 2009

10:00 AM
UM Duluth vs. Butte
Dirty Merkins vs. Dirty Ducks
NDSU Men vs. Asduts
Bozeman Cutthroat vs. Fort Collins
Vernon Jackals vs. Alaska Oosik
North Dakota Women vs. Prince George Vixens

11:10 AM
BetterSide vs. Eastside Ladies of Ill Repute
Billings Bulls vs. ORSU Men
Howlers II vs. Spokane
Gypsy Women vs. Budd Bay
Dead Ants vs. University of Montana Jesters
Trail Colonials vs. 43rd State Lions

12:20 PM
Missoula Flies vs. Princeton AC
Highwaymen vs. Saskatoon Badgers
Flathead vs. Mount Hamilton
Army vs. Seattle Rugby Club
Howlers I vs. Gypsies Men
Far Side vs. ORSU women

1:30 PM
East Side Ladies of Ill Repute vs. Dirty Merkins
Dirty Ducks vs Budd Bay
Bozeman Cutthroat vs. Gypsies Men
Howlers II vs. ORSU men
Asduts vs. Vernon Jackals
UM Duluth vs. Saskatoon Badgers

2:40 PM
Billings vs. Fort Collins
Betterside vs. Prince George Vixens s
Gypsy Women vs. ORSU Women
Trail Colonials vs. Army
NDSU Men vs. Butte
Spokane vs. Mount Hamilton

3:50 PM
Maggots vs. Howlers I
Farside vs. NDSU Women
Yellow field: Princeton AC vs. Seattle Rugby Club
Flathead vs. 43rd State
Dead Ants vs. Highwaymen
University of Montana Jesters vs. Alaska Oosik

Feel free to send scores, updates, pictures and videos to scrumhalfconnection@gmail.com or 405-802-2490. Thanks all! Have a great and safe tournament!

This tournament was listed on my Rugby Tournament Listing months ago...make sure your tournament is listed and I will blog about it!

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