WWE Payback: What Chris Jericho's Recent Win Streak Means for His CM Punk Match

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterJune 3, 2013

Photo from WWE.com
Photo from WWE.com

Chris Jericho has been on a roll as of late, but his run of wins is just a means to elevate the significance of CM Punk's eventual victory over him at WWE Payback.

Punk returns to WWE action after a two-month layoff following WrestleMania 29. The excitement of him earning a win in his return match in front of his hometown fans will be amplified by Jericho's recent momentum.

After being WWE's unofficial Star-maker by losing to the likes of Dolph Ziggler, Fandango and Punk over the last year, Jericho has returned to his winning ways in the month of May. Suddenly, Jericho can't seem to lose.

Before Jericho pinned Fandango at Extreme Rules 2013, he earned a victory over Antonio Cesaro on WWE SmackDown. In the last few weeks, Jericho has owned Friday nights.

He has knocked off Big Show, Ryback and Cody Rhodes on WWE SmackDown.

It is wins like these that can help erase memories of Jericho on his back that can reshape Jericho back into a legitimate threat to Punk. Had Punk earned a victory right after Jericho had lost to Fandango, it wouldn't have meant as much. Had Jericho been losing every Monday and Friday during Punk's absence, a Punk win at Payback wouldn't be that impressive of a feat.

Now Jericho is hot. Punk will transfer that heat to himself and make a powerful return in the process of defeating Jericho.

According to the band's website, Jericho and Fozzy are going back on tour in August. So don't expect Jericho to be building toward a championship run. When he's gone, though, Punk could very well be on the hunt for John Cena and his WWE title.

Punk needs a major win going forward to do that and return to top-heel status. Jericho's recent success only helps to make the win a bigger deal, more to boast about.

The location of the match points to Punk winning as well.

The Allstate Arena has been kind to "The Best in the World."

It was there that Punk beat Jericho at last year's Extreme Rules and there that he defeated John Cena for the WWE title at Money in the Bank 2011. One has to go back to Night of Champions 2010 against Big Show to see Punk lose at the home of the Chicago Rush.

Expect Punk to make it three pay-per-view wins in a row in Illinois.

Punk's winning streak in Chicago goes up against Jericho's WWE SmackDown streak on June 16, and it looks like Punk will recapture his mojo as Jericho's dissipates once again.