Thoughts About Tomorrow's Game: Bulls vs. Celtics

Kaixi OuyangCorrespondent IMay 1, 2009

After Game 5’s atrocious officiating, I honestly think the Bulls have no chance of winning Game 7 in Boston.

I can’t help but think the referees rigged the game so the Celtics would win and extend the series to seven games. Otherwise, the Bulls would’ve ended the series in Game 6 at home.

There were times in this game where I was so angry I wanted to smash the TV and _______ Rajon Rondo (I will refrain from describing the evil thoughts I had against him in my head).

But regardless of what has happened or what will happen tomorrow, it makes me happy to think this has been one of the best playoff series of all time.

No one thought the Bulls had a chance against the defending World Champions and the Celtics certainly didn’t think they would have to fight this long and hard in the first series against a scrappy underdog.

I’m glad to see their ego and swagger have been humbled—They know they can no longer underestimate the young Bulls. And who can forget these memorable moments:


  • One of the best rookie playoff debuts of all time by Rose: 36 points and 11 assists.
  • Game 1—The first time the Bulls had EVER won a playoff game against the Celtics.
  • Ben Gordon's 42 points and clutch three’s in Game 2 (not to mention his lovely crotch-grabbing moment).
  • Salmons scoring 11 in three OT’s and Derrick Rose’s game-saving block on Rondo in Game 6.


Even if Rondo tries to murder every Bull tomorrow (I wouldn’t put it past him), those amazing plays will always remain. This has been such a good learning experience for the baby Bulls, and hopefully they'll come back with a vengeance next year.

They’ve drained the old Celtics like none other so even if Boston moves on, they’re in for a long and tiring season, and an eventual whooping by Lebron James's Cavs...if they make it that far.

As much as I would love to hate them, I’ve got to give props to Ray Allen and Paul Pierce for making some clutch plays and sinking those late three’s. But I cannot respect Rondo’s foul behavior, despite his extraordinary performance, or Kevin Garnett's obnoxious bullying from the bench.

I’m proud that our point guard has carried himself with dignity and class (though he really needs to reduce those turnover’s and play more aggressive defense on Rondo), and for the most part, the rest of the Bulls have been relatively good sportsmen.

That being said, I’m still going to root my head off tomorrow for the Bulls.

But regardless of the outcome, both teams have played their hearts out and given us a helluvan entertaining show. Let’s see how many OT’s tomorrow’s game goes into.