NCAA Tournament: The Culmination of March (er, April) Madness

Ian RobinettSenior Analyst IApril 7, 2008

Sixty-four teams have dwindled down to two.

History was made when the four number one seeds made it to the Final Four, ensuring a one vs. one match up.

The two favorites, however, are already preparing for next season, while the coach who "couldn't win the big game," and the underrated Jayhawks are playing for the NCAA National Championship.

This has definitely been the year to watch collegiate basketball.

In my last article, where I touched on these Final Four teams, I predicted it'd be a Memphis/Kansas final.  That doesn't make me special in any way, but I can honestly say I have never been more excited about a finals match up in quite some time.

With Memphis, I see a coach who has never made it to this point. John Calipari has been to the Elite Eight three times, and the Final Four only one other time.  All of those times he was the number one seed in his bracket.

He has continually received criticism for not being able to win when it counts, and I believe he has done what it takes to quiet many of the critics.

Now all that is left is a championship.

No team, in the history of college basketball has ever won more than 37 games, and he has taken Memphis over that plateau.  In a press conference he said, "We don't have the record yet, we still have one more game."

For Kansas, it is just the culmination of their season.

Two of Kansas' three losses come against top 25 teams, and in the NCAA Tournament, they have put those demons behind them.

Ultimately this promises to be a high-flying, and high-scoring matchup. I honestly don't see a repeat of Kansas/UNC happening again.  I see this as a contest ending in overtime, and coming down to a last second, last-ditch effort by someone.  Who?  I have no idea!

Picking a winner isn't easy either.  Talking with my fiancé, I think as much as I enjoy Jayhawks basketball, I want to see John Calipari get his big win, and see Memphis complete this historical season.  So...Memphis over Kansas 102-101 in overtime.

Regardless, this WILL be an amazing game!