NBA Draft: New Age Limit for College Stars?

John LewisSenior Writer IApril 7, 2008

It seems as though NBA Commissioner David Stern and NCAA President Myles Brand have made up their mind, to change the minimum number of college seasons for players entering the NBA from one to two.

The current age restriction is 19, which essentially means that high school kids can go to college for one season and then declare themselves draft ready.  While many fans have disagreed with this rule since its inception, they may be getting their wish.

The one obstacle is to get this approved by the NBA players association.  The first year the rule can be if full effect is the 2011-2012 season.

So what is the real reason the NBA is so willing to make this change?  Is it that they just care so much about their image which relies so heavily on the young player?  Is the NBA using the NCAA as their very own minor league system...doing what they want to control it?

From the players' perspective, what happens if they get hurt while having to stay another year?  Many feel as though maybe an insurance policy could be taken out for team's top players.  This would certainly make up for what a player would've potentially lost financially.

And let's not forget that a kid goes to college to one day get a high paying job, should it matter that the high paying job comes sooner rather then later?  What about non athletes that left school early?  Bill Gates, millionaire businessman, he left early to pursue his one seems to care about that.

Of course some will compare this to other sports like Baseball, Tennis and Golf.  These sports let their kids turn pro at an early age.  No one is banging down the door of MLB Commissioner Bud Selig or PGA Commissioner Tim Finchem to get the rule changed.

It feels like schools just want to make their sport more and more money...which essentially means keeping the kids in school a little longer.  So should college players get paid something for being in school? 

My point is, in an era where there's no loyalty to the players and coaches why should kids care about staying longer?  They can always go back and get their education...the millions in the pros may not always be there.