Smackdown vs. Raw: When Worlds Collide! (Week 1)

Raymond TursherCorrespondent IMay 1, 2009

Note for this first issue: Only the main event and promo's will be shown from each show, in next week's, ALL matches will be written

Also: ECW is intentionally not featured this week: It will be featured next week however.

Summer Slam:

King: Well Michael, it's time for Raw's main event, the Elimination Chamber!!!!

Cole: Yes, King, Six brave men have chosen to risk their careers for the WWE Championship.

King: Well, yes, but the most unusual thing is that General Manager Vickie Guerrero elected to move the Elimination Chamber match from No Way Out to Summer Slam.

Cole: Vickie's explanation for this hasn't been much aside for it being "for the fans" but I feel that there may be something nefarious afoot

King: Oh, Cole, don't be so paranoid!!! Plus, what can she be planning??? Ever since the Big Show and her split up, she's been on her own.

Cole: Well you do have a point but remember that they just recently split up.

King: Speaking of Big Show, here he comes!!!

Big Show's Titantron video hits with his music, he is the first to enter the chamber, he enters his cell

Batista's video hits and the crowd goes wild he makes his way to the Elimination Chamber

Cole: Batista failed to defeat Randy Orton at Judgment Day but hasn't given up his chase for the WWE Championship. He has made a vow to win this title or take Randy down with him.

King: Yea, Batista is setting up a bulls eye on Randy Orton and his title.

Batista makes his way into his cell and is locked in...he and Big Show have a dramatic staredown

Matt Hardy's video comes on and he is immediately hit with a wave of boos, he easily shrugs them off.

Cole: Matt Hardy snuck into this title match when he injured MVP, who had won his right to the match, he--

King: Now come on Michael, MVP should have known that a title match sets just as much of a target on your chest as the WWE title does.

Cole: That may be right King, but attacking someone in their own home in front of their family is taking it WAAAY too far.

Matt gets locked into his cell, he is unable to wipe away a sickening grin even while Batista stares a hole in his chest.

John Cena breaks out onto the stage, showered by cheers and boos.

Cole: John Cena lost his World Heavyweight Title to Edge at Backlash and after recovering from his injuries, he is back here to claim what he says is his.

King: Cena has been able to back what he says... but with a crowd of guys like this, Batista, Big Show, who was the man who put him through a search light... I'm not sure I like anyone's chances.

Cole: Cena did not get a assigned a cell so he will start off this match in the ring

Cena and Big Show have a very awe inspiring Stare Down, it is very clear that Cena hasn't forgotten what Show did to him at Backlash.

Triple H's music comes on and the crowd shoots up with cheer.

Triple H prepares to do his first water spray.

Cole: Triple H recovered from the punt to the head that he suffered at Backlash from Randy Orton, but sadly for Orton, that punt didn't knock out any memories...

King: Yeah Cole, Triple H swore that he would destroy Randy Orton, WAIT WHAT IS THIS!?

Edge comes out from behind Triple H, he hits him with a chair, uses the stage and the chair to make an improv con-chair-to on Triple H

Cole: Edge just came out here and took out Triple H... whats going to happen to the match? We are now missing a combatant.

King: Wait Michael, I think I know what Edge is doing, yea he's using the Money In The Bank contract that he beat C.M. Punk for back after losing the World Heavyweight Title to the Undertaker at Night Of Champions.

Cole: Do you think that this is why Vickie moved the Chamber match to tonight?

Lilian Garcia: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is official, due to Triple H's inability to respond, Edge is now in the Elimination Chamber match.

The crowd shows their huge anger with Edge by drowning him with boos

Edge enters what was Triple H's cell and puts his rabid face back on while he bolts his eyes from Big Show to Batista and everyone else

Randy Orton steps on to the stage and stomps on Triple H who hasn't been moved from the stage for some reason

Cole: What a evil stomp from Randy Orton to Triple H, why hasn't he been cleared from the stage!?

King: The EMT must be moving a little slow Cole, don't worry

Cole: I'm not worried, I'm appalled that he would do such a thing

King: This is Randy Orton we're talking about Cole!

Cole: I guess you're right King, best get ready as this match is underway with Randy Orton and John Cena starting this one off.

Randy and Cena lock up with Orton kicking Cena into bending over, he throws an uppercut in Cena's face.

Randy attempts to toss Cena into the ropes but Cena reverses and clotheslines Orton with the power of a bus, Cena then begins to pound Orton's face into the mat.

Orton blocks and gets back up, the lights go black and we see the lights flashing over the cells, Matt Hardy is in the match

Matt Hardy starts off by grabbing Cena's head and slamming it into the ground, he then begins to mock Cena's "you can't see me" arm wave until he remembers that Orton is in there with him after being hit from behind.

It appears Matt remembers Randy's assault on him when Jeff was chasing the title back in '07 because he goes crazy attacking him, all Orton can do is attempt to block the un-ending blows that come his way.

Matt is still pounding on Orton until Cena grabs him and throws him over the ropes onto the steel flooring on the other side, Matt writhes in pain as his back goes splat on the floor.

The lights go black again and we eventually see that Big Show is released from his cell, all eyes turn to him as Orton and Cena charge him only to be thrown to the side like dolls.

Orton and Cena are clawing at Show's feet as Matt leaps from the turnbuckle as drives his elbow into Show's head, it seems to knock him out as he falls to his face.

Orton wants to pin Show but he can't turn him over to his back, it's then there that Cena picks Orton up and throws him into the corner.

Matt tries to get a bulldog on Cena but he ducks, Matt eventually runs into Orton. Their bodies slamming together, they fall to the ground.

Cena picks up Hardy and tosses him over the ropes again... it seems that he doesn't take him seriously in this match.

The lights go out again, and we see Batista is out of his cell. He  lays out Hardy who was outside of his cell, and lays out everyone who is in the ring, Big Show has finally gotten back to his feet and tosses Batista out of the ring, and then follows him.

Big Show begins to pummel Batista with right and left hands, but Batista shoots up and drives his shoulder in for a spear...Show's head hits the steel in a rough fashion and it appears that he's out cold AGAIN.

Back in the ring, Orton has fled Cena and is next to Edge's cell, we get a close-up and see that Edge is literally clawingat the inside of his cell, begging to get in the match. This behavior seems odd from Edge.

In response to Edge's clawing, Orton spits on the cell door, and gets back in the ring, he doesn't want to be near Edge when he gets out. He is met by a flying Hardy who brings a Kane-like flying tackle on him.

We see that Batista has been working on getting Show's body to stay between his legs for a few minutes, then Batista uses all his strength to lift up the Big Show, the slams him forward through the glass of one of the cells. Show is cut up badly, bleeding from his back and face.

Batista drags Show's lifeless body from the cell so that his shoulder's are flat and pins him for an Easy 3 Count, first elimination of the night.

Hardy is shown pulling a cell door open, he then rushes in and closes the door, effectively blocking himself from anyone, but Batista doesn't like that, he starts pounding on the cell door.

Cena and Orton are back at brawling until the lights flash again, Edge is the last one who can leave and he charges out, he spears Cena, tosses Orton out of the ring, and smashes Batista into the chain wall of the chamber.

Edge wants to get at Hardy, but can't break the cell door with his foot, so he grabs Show, slowly lifts him up and motions him over to the door where he uses him as a battering ram and breaks the door, Hardy is pinned by Show's body and the other side of the cell.

Edge gets back on Batista, he slams his face into the other cell, over and over and over until Batista is bleeding. Batista is then tossed into the ring and pinned, 1, 2, he lifts his shoulder, Edge's grin becomes a look of peril.

Edge gets ready to spear Batista, he runs to him only to be caught by Batista in his legs... Batista lifts Edge up for a Batista Bomb and hits it... then Cena shoves Batista and gets Edge for a Attitude Adjustment, the crowd is eating this punishment on Edge up.

Batista doesn't take the shove well and gets into a verbal fight with Cena, they start to yell at each other until Matt Hardy spins Cena, Orton spins Batista. Matt hits his Twist of Fate, and Orton hits his RKO on Batista...there can't be two pins so Matt and Randy start brawling.

Orton gets tossed over the ropes and Matt pins Batista... 1,2,3...Batista is out.

Matt is gloating over eliminating Batista for a while, no one is up, Randy is holding his back...Cena is holding his face and Edge is holding his everything.

Matt chooses to stalk his prey from the turnbuckle as he climbs up it. Cena gets to his knees and Hardy hits the leg drop from the second turnbuckle, for some reason he just goes off to attack Edge who is somehow getting up.

After Matt raises Edge, Edge grabs Hardy by the hair and grinds his face in the chain. Edge walks off and gets ready to spear Cena. He connects and eliminates Cena, you can hear half the crowd cheering and the other half booing.

Orton grabs Hardy a is in the midst of RKO'ing him as Edge hits a spear in the middle of it, thus hitting Orton and sending some impact to Hardy, Edge then pins Orton and gets the 3 count...everyone cheers. Hardy gets up and the two duke it out...

Fists fly, hits land, eventually they have fought to the cells again... Edge falls back onto the cell, Hardy runs and jumps onto Edge sending them both through the cell door.

Edge is open-eyed and screaming in pain... it's looking like Hardy used Edge as a cushion and isn't making a reaction. Hardy then drags Edge into the ring and hits the Twist of Fate... 1,2, EXCUSE ME!!!!!

Vickie Guerrero officially declares that Matt Hardy has been disqualified from the Match after a finding of "Illegal" items in his bag. Hardy yells that it isn't his, but Vickie won't have it...the crowd doesn't know if they should cheer that Hardy lost, or they should boo because Edge won. The Pay-Per-View ends as we see a close up of Edge's face as he is just registering what he just heard from Vickie.

Post Pay-Per-View RAW:

Main Promo: Cena walks out to the ring, he is showered in boos and cheers as he is normally.

Cena: As you can see, there is no title around my waist, there is no title around either Randy Orton or Matt Hardy's waist. There is no title over Big Show's shoulder, and Triple H wasn't even able to wrestle in the Elimination Chamber match last night.

Last night a star from Smackdown felt that he could win his own show's title and chose to ruin Raw's main event, whats worse is that he was about to lose and was given some bull-s@&! excuse to win.

But the worst thing about this is the fact that now Raw does not have a Heavyweight title. I will not work on a show that has no Heavyweight title... it makes my time here have no meaning.

As a result, I am going over to Smackdown this Friday to take the WWE Title back to Raw with me. Edge, I'm hoping your watching this because I want you to know... make sure to polish my belt so it's shiny when I raise it after the match on Friday.

Randy Orton's Video hits and you can see from his body language he's not used to not hanging the title over his shoulder

Randy Orton: Now Cena, you seem to think that you can just waltz on to Smackdown and get the title back, the problem is that you weren't the champ last night before the match, I WAS... and I have a rematch clause in my contract that says I can use it when I want, so I'm sorry to spoil your plans for Friday, Cena, but you will have to watch me win my title back on Friday.

Plus Cena, you think that Edge doesn't have something planned for you? at least with me, my Legacy can come with me and be there to make sure I get the win.

Cena: See Randy, that's why everyone wanted to get at you last night... with your bag boys Rhodes and Ted over there, you're not a real're a fake. and that's why a real champ has to go there and win the title.

Matt Hardy comes out now and makes a sly walk to the ring.

Hardy: I am honestly shocked that either of you think you deserve to go on Smackdown this week... I mean where were you guys at the end of the match??? oh right, ELIMINATED, by ME.

And I was THIS close to winning the title, till as you said Cena, Vickie played some fake card getting me DQ'd. If anyone deserves to go, it should be me because I was about to win.

You two has-beens should just pack it up and accept the fact that the Era of Mattitude has returned with a even greater leader.

Cena: I don't give a damn about you "Mattitude" crap man, you can go sip as much spiced Kool-Aid as you want... just go do it somewhere else.

Matt: You want to dis me Cena? I'll hit you with the Twist of Fate again!

Orton: Will you both just shut up, this isn't going to get the WWE title back onto Raw any quicker.

Cena: Randy's right... I have a proposition, Randy Orton vs. Matt Hardy vs. John Cena in a triple threat match for #1 Contendership and match on Friday.

Hardy and Orton: Agreed

Raw Main Event

The Superstars enter during their respective entrances and begin the Match

Matt Hardy charges Orton to get dodged and run into a turnbuckle. Cena then grabs Hardy and drives Matt's shoulder into the ring post.

Orton locks Cena into a sleeper hold which holds Cena for about two minutes... Hardy comes in a double teams Cena with Orton, they do a double suplex. Hardy and Orton begin to stomp Cena over and over again. Until Orton clotheslines Matt Hardy. Hardy rolls out of the ring and Orton lifts Cena up.

Randy begins to RKO Cena, but gets shoved away. Cena gets a elbow into Orton's kidney area and begins to pummel him. Hardy gets into the ring and spears Cena from behind... this also gets Orton, this is resembling Edge's spear at SummerSlam.

After Cena moves out of the turnbuckle, Hardy starts to attack Orton until he is hit with the RKO, he's out cold for the 3-Count...

Randy Orton has won the right to the Title Match on Friday. 


Main Promo:

Edge comes out to a shower of boos, with a huge smirk on his face... He's carrying the title belt from his waist

Edge: As John Cena says, THE CHAMP IS HERE! I cashed in the Money In The Bank Contract that I won from C.M. Punk weeks back and beat John Cena and Randy Orton this past Sunday at Summer Slam!

People wondered what I'd do after I lost to Undertaker... I mean what would you do? Oh, right... You'd sit on your ass and cry, but that's not what the Rated-R-Superstar does.

No When I fall, I shoot back up, and when I beat Punk for that, I did just that.

I Don't think I ever told anyone this, when I left Christian to become a singles wrestler... I became better than him, I became better than EVERYONE. But people thought that I was still the same stupid guy that I was before.

And now...everyone has become smarter, they know I'm THE MAN...but Randy Orton wants to end that and try to beat me. I'm not going to have it.

I've even heard that John Cena has been sighted here tonight... how desperate can one show get? They lost a title and they have to make a "group therapy" match???

John Cena emerges from the crowd and leaps over the barrier, he tackles Edge and proceeds to pummel him.

After about a minute of Cena beating Edge's face in... we see most of the Smackdown locker room come out. They all climb into the ring and crowd around Cena. The next thing seen is Cena being covered in Smackdown wrestlers... when they all clear out, Cena is no where to be seen but the Smackdown wrestlers aren't looking for him. Cut to commercial

Cut back to JR and Todd Grisham

JR: Welcome back to Smackdown as we recap just went down a few moments to go when John Cena from Raw ambushed the WWE World Heavyweight Champion Edge...

Todd: Yes JR, after ambushing him, Cena began to assault the champion, but then the Smackdown roster came out here and took out Cena, who apparently performed a disappearing act

JR: I'm not sure about an act Todd, you'd think that the men who were just attacking him would be looking for him after they couldn't find him

Todd: That may be so, but right now we have our main event about to start

Edge comes out again... opening and feeling his jaw after the attack from Cena, he stops for his 5-second pose and moves on to the ring

Todd: As just mentioned, Edge was the victim of an assault from John Cena, he may not be in the best shape after taking all those blows

JR: If Edge can't be knocked around a little, how in the hell did he win the Championship?

Randy Orton comes out and is soaked with boos and cheers. He is bringing the Legacy with him as he said he would

Todd: As expected, Randy Orton is bringing his lackeys with him to this match...

JR: Well after what happened with Cena, it may be a good idea don't you think?

Todd: Well, normally I don't believe Edge would get that type of sympathy from anyone on the roster, but they may have felt they needed to defend their champion

JR: I HIGHLY doubt that Todd, I think there is something afoot here and I don't think it ended with Cena. 

The bell rings and the match is underway. Randy and Edge lock up, neither is able to get an advantage early on until Edge kicks Orton in the gut and hits a DDT. Edge then puts Orton in a headlock and holds him for about 2 minutes, he then gets tired of this and prepares to hit an Edgeecution on Orton.

Edge grabs Orton, but Randy slips out and hits Edge with a DDT of his own... at this point they are both on the mat slowly climbing to their feet. Orton is up first and kicks Edge in the stomach while he's down.

The Legacy at this point are bored, they are expecting that Randy is going to win... the scene shifts to a wide-scale shot and we see 3 hooded figures knock the Legacy behind the barrier, Randy hasn't noticed that his goons have been dragged out of the arena.

Edge is about to hit a spear when Randy dodges it and finds that Edge hit the ref. He calls for the Legacy and see's that they are missing, he starts to get a desperate face and looks all around the arena.

The scene then shifts again to the stage as we see Christian and the ECW roster come out and walk down to the ring... Randy is expecting them to attack Edge and re-summon's his normal scowl of a face, acting as if he never panicked.

Once Christian enters the ring... he stares down at Edge and then kicks Orton in the Stomach, and hits the killswitch on Orton... the ECW roster begins to pummel Orton until the Ref shows signs of getting back up, the ECW guys clear the ring and disappear.

Edge gets his hand on Orton and gets the staggered 3-count. Edge wins and retains the title.

Christian comes back into the ring and stares down Edge, Edge responds by doing the same. After a minute, they break out into laughter and hug. Christian raises Edge's hand and smiles.

JR: What the hell have we just seen?

Todd: Is this the reunion of Edge and Christian?

End Show... End Week 1 of Smackdown Vs. Raw: When Worlds Collide


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