A Little Girl With BIG Dreams: Ashley Gerbis Racing Is the One to Watch!

Kara MartinSenior Analyst IMay 1, 2009

I recently had the pleasure of getting to know and interview a very special little girl by the name of Ashley Gerbis.

This may be your first introduction, but it certainly won't be the last!

Ashley Gerbis is a 10-year-girl whose favorite food is pizza. She enjoys reading and swimming. Hobbies include listening to music, caring for her webkinz and creating her own furry friends at the Build-A-Bear Workshop.

Ashley currently attends fourth grade in the Gifted Students Program at the Anthem School in Florence, Ariz. She is fluent in both English and Spanish, plays violin in the school music program and is taking part in an after school Science Program.

Sounds like a typical 10-year-old....right?

Not for this girl, she has a heart of a racer!

Ashley started racing quarter midgets at tender the age of six.

She has competed in Arizona, California, New Mexico and Nevada. She is currently transitioning from quarter midgets to a 600 cc restricted Mini Sprint.

In late 2009, she will be racing the No. 67 car at Plaza Park Raceway in Visalia, Calif. In 2010, she plans on running a 20-race schedule in California, finishing the season by competing in the Tulsa Shootout.


Quarter Midget Racing Accomplishments

  • 2007 Thunder on the Mountain Jr. Stock Track Record
  • 2007 Thunder on the Mountain Jr. Stock A Main Winner
  • 2008 Desert Springs Nationals, Jr. Stock A Main Second Place
  • 2008 Desert Springs Nationals, Jr. Honda A Main Fourth place


Ashley's father, Don Gerbis, graciously allowed me to interview this amazing young lady and quite frankly I'm a little jealous. I certainly was not having this much fun or success at that age! She is one determined, tough cookie with a promising career ahead of her.

I now live vicariously though her, cheer her on, follow her accomplishments and plan to be the first one to say " I knew her when..." the moment she steps into her first Sprint Cup car!

Without further ado, I present Miss Ashey Gerbis.


Kara Martin: How long have you been racing?

Ashley Gerbis: I have been racing since I was six years old, I am 10 right now that is four years so far.

Kara Martin: How did you get started/interested in racing?

Ashely Gerbis: Well once my dad took me to a race for one of his friends' sons, then he asked me if I wanted to race and I said yes.

Kara Martin: How many girls are currently racing in your circuit?

Ashely Gerbis: At Plaza Park Raceway, there are currently two girls out of 30 cars in the points standings, once we get started, I will be the third.

Kara Martin: Do you ever feel any pressure from the boys that you are racing against?

Ashley Gerbis: Sometimes I do because they don’t like losing to a girl.

Kara Martin: What do you like to do in your free time, any hobbies?

Ashley Gerbis: I like to go Swimming, Quad Riding with Dad. Ride Bikes with my friends and neighbors, Basketball, and soccer.

Kara Martin: How do you fit in your school studies, do you maintain good grades and what are your favorite subjects?

Ashley Gerbis: I do maintain good grades I always get A’s and B’s which is pretty good. My favorite subjects are Science, Writing, and Math.
Kara Martin: Who do you race for?
Ashley Gerbis: Mom and Dad...
Kara Martin: Who are your sponsors?
Ashley Gerbis: My sponsors are Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation, Kinetic Racing Batteries, The Joie of Seats, and New Century Marketing Concepts.
Kara Martin: What are your plans and dreams for the future and what path do you see racing taking you?
Ashely Gerbis: My dream is to be a professional race car driver. I see racing taking allowing me to become a role model in helping other kids learn how to race, do better and get more experience like I am.
Kara Martin: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Ashley Gerbis: I see myself driving a Sprint Cup car and winning a lot of races.
Kara Martin: What are your goals in life?
Ashley Gerbis: My goals in life are to be a professional race car driver, and to help other kids that need it.
Kara Martin: Who are your heroes?
Ashley Gerbis: My heroes are my Dad, Mom, My sister, And my Grandpa, they have always help me work on my car.
Kara Martin: What good can you do with your notoriety?
Ashley Gerbis: Don’t have any yet, right now were racing for Arizona”s Foster Kids
Kara Martin: Do you have any siblings? Are they interested in racing?

Ashley Gerbis: I have one big sister, she is into racing, but she is too scared to drive one.

Kara Martin: How supportive are your parents when it comes to racing and fulfilling your dreams?
Ashley Gerbis: My parents are very supportive they always give me tips, and help me get better when I racing.
Kara Martin: Does your family ever worry when you get out on the track?
Ashley Gerbis: My mom does the most, she’s are afraid that I will spin out or get into a crash.

Kara Martin: How fast do Mini Sprints go?

Ashley Gerbis:
I think my 600cc restricted Mini Sprint will run about 65-70 MPH on a 1/5th mile track.

Kara Martin: Have you ever been involved in any accidents?
Ashley Gerbis: Yes I have, once I was driving my Quarter Midget and this boy crashed into me into a hard wall. drove up the wall, flipped and slid. It was cool.

Kara Martin: Is Mini Sprint racing safe?

Ashley Gerbis:
Yes it is, you just need to have the right gear, such as the right size seat, a suit, neck brace/hans device, gloves, and a helmet.

Kara Martin: Do you follow NASCAR, F1 or Indy racing? Who are your favorite drivers?
Ashley Gerbis: When I get a chance, Danica Patrick, Tony Stewart.
Kara Martin: Do you think that one day there will be a successful woman driver in NASCAR?
Ashley Gerbis: Yes, I do but I just hope it’s me.
Kara Martin: How many championships or trophies have you won?
Ashley Gerbis: I don’t know if I have won any championships, but I have won 27 trophies.
Kara Martin: What has been your favorite memory in racing so far?
Ashley Gerbis: My favorite memory was one day while I was racing Quarter Midgets, I won the pretty car contest, and won first place in the A main, and made a boy cry.
Kara Martin: How do you fund your race team?
Ashley Gerbis: Mom and Dad, Mom’s losing her job at the end of the school year so we are looking for sponsors and donations.
It was a true honor to speak with Ashley and her father. I wish their team much success!

To find out more about this remarkable young lady, her family, and their team please visit her site at www.ashleygerbisracing.com.


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