WWE SmackDown Spoilers: Complete Results and Analysis for May 31

Tim KeeneyContributor IMay 29, 2013

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

Following a jam-packed Monday Night Raw with several important developments, Friday's SmackDown figures to continue to build toward WWE Payback, which is already just under three weeks away. 

Who is Ryback going to put in his trusty ambulance next? 

How will the ongoing feud between The Shield and Team Hell No continue to develop? What about the one between Big E Langston and Alberto Del Rio? 

Who is next in Curtis Axel's momentous push?

If you can't wait until Friday to see how many of the business' biggest stories will further play out, here's a look at the complete results from Tuesday's tapings in Edmonton, Alberta.  


Quick Results

Dark match: The Usos defeat The Prime Time Players

Kane defeats Seth Rollins via pinfall

Roman Reigns defeats Daniel Bryan via disqualification 

Sheamus attacks Damien Sandow during a mental challenge

Ryback defeats Kofi Kingston

Big E Langston defeats Alberto Del Rio (interference by AJ Lee)

Curtis Axel defeats Sin Cara

Chris Jericho defeats Cody Rhodes

Dean Ambrose vs. Randy Orton is stopped when The Shield and Team Hell No interfere

The Shield vs. Team Hell No and Randy Orton also ends in disqualification


Kofi Kingston Becomes Ryback's Newest Victim

Kingston took a night off from feuding with Dean Ambrose to take an all-out beating from Ryback—what a guy. 

After the former U.S. champion was able to get the quick upper hand to start the match, Mr. Feed Me More hastily turned things around and scored the Shell Shocked for the win. But he wasn't done. 

Channeling his inner LeBron, Ryback powerbombed poor Kingston through not one, not two, but three tables. Seriously:

Afterwards, Kingston was taken off a stretcher and, oddly enough, rolled right past the ambulance that Ryback arrived in. 

Some may be getting tired of Ryback's attacks, but they will likely only continue up until next month's pay-per-view as the company builds him up as an unstoppable monster. At least his victims are getting more prominent.


The Shield vs. Team Hell No Continues

It has become almost second nature for The Shield to go undefeated during a television event, but Kane put a stop to that streak when he was able to hit Seth Rollins with the chokeslam and pin. 

Immediately following that match, Daniel Bryan took on Rollins' tag team champion partner, Roman Reigns. 

The match, just like its predecessor, was just under 10 minutes of solid back-and-forth action, but Bryan took the loss when Kane interfered. 

Afterwards, Bryan and Kane got into an argument, and it appears more and more likely that a breakup is coming. 

While it's incredibly entertaining watching Bryan in the ring with various members of The Shield, he deserves a move back into singles action and a push toward a title. 

Later in the night, he continued to impress:  

After the match between Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton was thrown out, a six-man tag match between The Shield and Team Hell No and Orton was scheduled. But it was also thrown out when Reigns brought in a chair. 

Unsurprisingly, it sounds like the best moments of the night came with members of The Shield inside the ring. It will be intriguing to see where they—along with Bryan, Kane and Orton—all go in the next few weeks.