Bray Wyatt: Gimmick Is the Difference Between Him and His Brother, Bo Dallas

Bill Atkinson@@BAtkinson1963Analyst IMay 28, 2013

(WWE photo)
(WWE photo)

Bray Wyatt is poised to burst onto the WWE scene sometime in the next few weeks, and it is extremely likely that the reception for this creepily charismatic character will be far greater than the one his baby brother got a few months ago.

You remember Bo Dallas, don’t you? He was the young superstar who had what amounted to a cup of coffee in WWE earlier this year. He burst out of NXT into the Royal Rumble in January, had what amounted to a mini-feud with Wade Barrett, and then disappeared back into NXT almost as fast as he came up.

Now it’s Big Brother’s turn. Judging by the events that unfolded Monday night on Raw, Wyatt is predicted to have a longer, more successful run than Dallas.

Why? It’s all about the gimmick.

Wyatt has one. Dallas does not.

Sure, they share a rich wrestling bloodline. They are the grandsons of wrestling legend Blackjack Mulligan, the sons of WWE fixture Mike “IRS” Rotunda and the nephews of Barry and Kendall Windham.

But that’s where the similarities end. And obviously, WWE recognizes Wyatt’s potential. Otherwise, the first of what is expected to be a series of eerie video vignettes would not have aired Monday night.

Wyatt comes across as a Kevin Sullivan-like character minus the overt demonic overtones and black-circled eyes. He dresses in light-colored slacks, a Hawaiian shirt over a black tee and a straw Fedora hat. Equal parts eccentric and evil, Wyatt is a charismatic zealot who reminds you more of a cult leader instead of a pro wrestler.

And he has the perfect minions in Erick Rowan and Luke Harper, who hang on his every word as if it were the absolute gospel.

On the other hand, how much hype did Bo Dallas get prior to his WWE appearance? There were no videos. No hints of his arrival. Just a long-haired, good-looking Southern boy coming in and trying to make good.

The only reason Dallas made it to last January’s Royal Rumble was because he won an elimination contest the day before to represent NXT at the pay-per-view. Sure, he had some success in eliminating Barrett at Royal Rumble and then defeating him in a TV match the next night. But after that, it pretty much was back to the AAA minor-league level for him.

That is not a bad thing, however. Maybe WWE recognized that Dallas probably needed some more fine-tuning, so they sent him back to FCW for some more work. It apparently is working because right now, he is the reigning FCW-NXT heavyweight champion.

That definitely is better than just watching him die on the vine like so many WWE wannabes have done in the past. And he should be back on the WWE main roster very soon.

In the meantime, Wyatt has caught the attention of one of WWE’s leading insiders. In his latest blog, Jim Ross calls the Wyatt video “spot on” and predicts big things for the Wyatt Family once they make it to WWE’s national television stage:

Wyatt has success and athleticism in his blood and has that rare, second gear that most big men do not possess. I can't stress how important that is. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan are big, rugged dudes who, at times, remind me of a young Mick Foley or Bruiser Brody inasmuch as they are “brawlers” who move well for being such big men.

Of course, the question is, once the Wyatt Family debuts in WWE, who will be the targets of their twisted wrath? Obviously (or should I say hopefully), WWE’s Creative Team has a plan in place for a good program.

Perhaps they will toy with several Superstars before settling on a particular first prey. It definitely would be interesting to bring Bo Dallas up at that time because nothing sells a storyline quite like brother against brother.

Maybe Wyatt will peruse the WWE roster for new followers. Some of the jobbers on the lower end of the WWE roster could punch their ticket to the next level by aligning themselves with proven winners, much like the former Michael McGillicutty found with Paul Heyman and was repackaged as Curtis Axel.

In the end, Bray Wyatt should prove that no one gets under your skin quite like Family.


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