20 Athletes Who REALLY Love Guns

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20 Athletes Who REALLY Love Guns

With all the high-profile shootings in recent years, guns have again taken center stage in the national political arena. Gun control was a big issue in the '90s, but seemed to take a hiatus of sorts for over a decade. 

Probably because it's almost impossible to address in any real way, hence rendering it a losing political issue. The House of Representatives is working on a two-year election cycle, so your local member of Congress probably isn't a "big picture" type. 

Addressing the Second Amendment in any way isn't usually a winning proposition. People tend to love it to the point that they'd rather have you pry away their guns from their cold dead hands, than spend a single day on earth without them. 

Any of them. Even the old broken ones. 

They are willing to fight to the death over the issue…and they have all the guns. That's why things get so dicey when the right to bear arms becomes a topic of discussion. And there are plenty of professional athletes who have a horse in this race. 

There aren't many who are coming out in support of gun control, but there are actually still two sides to this story in the sports community. 

Some athletes are outspoken supporters of the Second Amendment because they say they want to protect themselves and love the Constitution. While others are the kind of gun-toting criminals the other athletes are afraid of. 

And a select few manage to occupy both spaces. Kudos. 

Here are 20 athletes that really love their guns. 

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