Hopeful Dale Jr. Girl

Amanda BehneCorrespondent IApril 30, 2009

17 May 2001:  Dale Earnhardt, Jr. stands beside his car at the Los Angeles Convention Center in promotion of the newly released Interact Accesories'' Blue Thunder Racing Wheel. Mandatory Credit: Jason Kirk/ALLSPORT

Okay, so to go along with the article named Wanted: The future Mrs. Dale Earnhardt Jr.

I figured writing out a resume on paper would take way too long, so I figured i'd type this up and only answer the criteria as best I can. so ladies and gents here goes.

1. I believe I can mentally connect with Junior.

2. I understand and would be more than happy to sit and listen to anything he would like to say to me.

3. Knowing when to sit down shut up and listen whether it would involve me or not yes I would be able to read him like a book. Knowing when to throw an arm over my shoulder and carry him up to his room when he's had way too much too drink. Am I okay with at least half of it? More than happy to help him make all his dreams come true and achieve any of his goals if he'd like me to.

4. He doesn't have to change his ways. I'd love to have him teach me how to drive a go kart. I can surely handle that.

5. I understand that being a driver's wife is a tough life and I'm okay with that.

6. Yes, I would toss my life aside and adjust to his racing lifestyle, but I would bring my babies with me, no matter what. Maybe then he could teach them how to drive :)

7.  Am I willing to give up my job and either not work or help out at Jr Motorsports, I'd give up my job, and help out all he wanted me to.

8. I wouldn't mind hanging out in the motorhome as long as he didn't mind if I played Playstation maybe even kick his butt at some of the racing games :)

9. I wouldn't mind nonstop shopping at all the wonderful cities on the NASCAR circuit and no I wouldn't get burned out i'd enjoy every minute of it.

I could deal with the racing for however long he wanted to keep racing, i understand and i'd stick by him whatever his decisions. I'd love to be the girl he chose to make him the happiest man in nascar. :)